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Breast Implants and Active Lifestyles: Debunking the “Heaviness” Myth

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As an athletic woman with a small frame, you’ve likely considered breast implants but worry that larger breasts could interfere with your active lifestyle. Many women share this concern, wondering if breast implants feel heavier than natural breasts. While there isn’t a simple answer to this question, understanding the factors involved in choosing breast implants and breast augmentation surgery options can help.

First, it’s essential to choose implants that are proportional to your body’s frame, ensuring natural-looking results. A plastic surgeon with experience will take careful measurements of your torso and breasts, helping you choose implants that slope gently from the décolleté to the middle of the breasts, avoiding an unnatural roundness in the upper area.

Crisalix, a state-of-the-art 3D imaging system, allows you to visualize potential results with different implant sizes, making the selection process easier. The feel of breast implants is another crucial factor that affects a patient’s choice. Within the silicone gel category, there’s a range of options based on the consistency of the gel filling the implant.

Some implants, such as “gummy bear” breast implants, are firmer than other silicone gel implants, while saline implants filled with a highly concentrated saltwater solution tend to feel less like natural breasts, according to most patients. However, choosing implants proportional to your body’s frame can help you adjust to the increased size and not notice an increased “heaviness” to the breasts.

It can take several weeks or months to adjust to having larger breasts, but as the implants “drop and fluff” and settle into a more permanent position, they’ll feel like a natural part of your body. Wearing a supportive bra reduces any strain the implants may cause during the first several months after breast augmentation surgery.Ultimately, the key to satisfaction is selecting implants that harmonize with your body, and most patients are more likely to adjust to implants that they consider too small rather than too large. You can read more about different options such as breast lifts!

Breast Implants and Active Lifestyles: Debunking the "Heaviness" Myth
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Breast Implants and Active Lifestyles: Debunking the "Heaviness" Myth
Are you an athletic woman concerned that breast implants will feel heavier? Discover how choosing the right size and type of implant can provide natural-looking results, even for active lifestyles.
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