Making the Most of Med Spa Trends

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Most of today’s beauty and cosmetic trends originate on social media, whether through celebrity accounts or social media influencers. While open discussions about plastic surgery and med spa treatments has had the benefit of removing the stigma from these treatments, it has also given way to another set of concerns. How can you discern reality from social media hype and filters when determining if a trending cosmetic treatment could be right for you?

Below are a few tips to keep in mind to help you decide if popular med spa treatments and trends are worth your while.

Avoid Fleeting Cosmetic Trends with Lasting Effects

Trends come and go, but the results of some cosmetic treatments and procedures can stick around well after the trend is gone. If you’re considering trying a trending cosmetic treatment for the first time, be sure to ask your provider how long results last and whether or not they can be reversed.

Hyaluronic acid fillers, for example, can last for 12 to 18 months, but they can be reversed using a special enzyme called hyaluronidase. Other types of injectable treatments cannot be removed early and will need to wear away gradually over time.

Similarly, consider trying temporary med spa treatments like dermal fillers, BOTOX® and laser skin treatments first before committing to surgical procedures with more permanent results.

Lean on the Expertise of Your Plastic Surgeon

The goal of your plastic surgeon is to send you out the door with beautiful, natural-looking results that you love. So if your med spa provider recommends you don’t get a particular treatment or if he or she suggests tweaking your cosmetic treatment plan to something more suitable to your needs and goals, listen to their professional advice.

What looks great on your favorite social media influencer might not look the same on you, and a trusted professional can point this out, explaining the nuances and limitations of each cosmetic treatment or procedure.

It’s for this same reason that you don’t want to choose a med spa provider based solely on the cheapest price or their willingness to provide treatments or services that other professionals warn against.

Take Social Media Photos with a Grain of Salt

What you see is not always what you get when it comes to social media photos. Be wary of basing your cosmetic treatment wishlist off of social media influencers’ photos alone. These are often photoshopped or have heavy filtered applied and can therefore distort the reality of what is and is not possible to achieve through cosmetic treatments.

Opt for Low-Risk, High-Reward Trends

Not all of the latest beauty fads are risky. There are plenty of low-risk, high-reward cosmetic trends that can help you look and feel younger, brighter and more energized.

HydraFacial®, personalized skin treatment plans and prejuvenation treatments like MOXI™ are some of the most popular med spa treatments right now that can give your skin a lovely uplift without the risk of making permanent changes to your facial features that you might not want down the road.

Making the Most of Med Spa Trends
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Making the Most of Med Spa Trends
Should you get the latest trending cosmetic treatments? Concord board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti shares tips on the best med spa treatments.
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