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Breast Augmentation Results Can Be Subtle, Not Showy

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Sometimes, people seek breast augmentation because they want obvious, showy results. However, most women ask for subtle, natural-looking results that enhance their figure without dominating it.

As a result, it is common for people to go into their consultation worried about the possibility of their results looking too fake. Luckily, there are a few things you and your plastic surgeon can do to ensure your results look natural for your body.

Select Implants with the Whole Body in Mind

Breast augmentation results don’t need to look fake. Modern implants and approaches make achieving natural results easier than ever before.

At the root of every natural-looking breast augmentation is a moderately-sized implant that is in balance with the dimensions of the rest of the body. This means looking at things like shoulder and hip width and determining the correct volume and projection of the implant.

While the size of breast implants is commonly spoken about, projection is less understood. Breast implant projection refers to how wide the base of the implant is and how far it projects outward from the chest wall. Implants with the same volume but different projections can appear significantly different in size.

Focus on Key Characteristics

While you can help in selecting implants that complement your body as a whole, much of how to get natural breast augmentation results is in the hands of your plastic surgeon. He or she should understand the key characteristics of natural-looking breast augmentations and be able to explain to you what they do to achieve them.

These criteria are:

  • The breasts have a slight slope that leads to the nipple.
  • The greatest projection from the chest wall lines up with the nipple.
  • The majority of the implant volume rests in the lower half of the breast.
  • The implants sit at the natural bust line, not too high as to look fake or too low as to appear saggy.
  • The implants do not pull the breasts further apart or push them closer together than they would naturally sit.
  • The feel and movement of the implants closely mimic that of natural breast tissue.

How Your Plastic Surgeon Achieves These Results

Plastic surgery is always a mixture of art and science. Your plastic surgeon needs to know not just the techniques that go into achieving natural results, but also how to consider your natural anatomy as a whole and complement it using the right plastic surgery techniques to achieve optimal results. Board-certified plastic surgeons with documented results should be able to deliver the outcome you are looking for.

During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon should actively listen to your hopes and concerns for your breast augmentation and develop a plan that will help to meet your goals. You can also try on breast implant sizers to help you better visualize what your final results could look like.

Keep in mind that there is no single formula that yields natural breast augmentation results. Every body is different, and your plastic surgeon will need to take into account all the things that make you unique while planning his or her approach.


Breast Augmentation Results Can Be Subtle, Not Showy
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Breast Augmentation Results Can Be Subtle, Not Showy
Wondering how to get natural breast augmentation results? Dr. Francesco Campanile of Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver explains what you should do.
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