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8 Beauty Mistakes to Avoid on a First Date

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As we prepare for a first date, we carefully choose the perfect outfit and look forward to the long-awaited evening in the company of a new match from work, school, church or the dating sites. Let’s discuss the top 8 makeup mistakes on a first date and learn how to avoid them.

1. Dry Lips

Even if you don’t plan on kissing on the first date, your lips should still be attractive and well-groomed. To make the lips look beautiful, do a thorough exfoliation (with a sugar scrub or a clean toothbrush) and apply a generous coat of lip balm the night before the event.

And before going out, use lipstick or toning balm. For the first date, I suggest it is better to choose more natural shades. Matte lipstick is also one of the beauty mistakes to avoid, as it reveals all the imperfections of the lip skin and deprives it of moisture.

2. Faded Look

The eyes themselves are an important area of attractiveness that often gets overlooked. Your eyes must shine! Use eye drops to remove redness and highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

3. Saturated Perfume

Your date wants to enjoy the conversation with you, a light breeze of freshness from your hair, and remember this romantic cup of coffee with cinnamon. When you are going on a date, spray yourself no more than three times if you use Eau de Parfum, and no more than four times if your perfume is in the form of Eau de Toilette.

4. Over-Contouring

Don’t try to paint yourself a new nose, narrow your cheeks, or lengthen your chin before a date. Contouring is a serious business and requires experience; otherwise, it may turn into a huge beauty mistake that ages you. Limit yourself to a bronzing blush applied under the cheekbones. A light coral tone will “warm” the face and revitalize it.

5. Too Many Corrections

Do not get carried away with foundations, including color correctors. Men think you’re hiding something if they see too much foundation on your face. Choose a versatile BB cream or liquid foundation for your first date; don’t overpaint the skin. And if you use a foundation, do not forget about the neck – the pale skin under the chin will “reveal” all your secrets.

6. Make up-Free

Lifeless eyelashes and pale lips are not what anyone wants to see when they go on a first date. Avoid beauty mistakes for the face and use a tinted lip and cheek balm, mascara, and a bit of highlighter. It is the minimum that even make-up-free lovers will appreciate.

7. Too Much Powder

Do you remember the most famous celebrities’ beauty disasters? Nicole Kidman, Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie have repeatedly appeared in front of photographers with a face as if sprinkled with flour. It is not difficult to eliminate these beauty mistakes; it is enough to choose the right powder. Mineral powders create some lighting effects. They are high in titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, known sunscreen ingredients that leave a whitish mark.

Another good tip is to use a puff rather than a brush. The brush is not always able to create an even layer of powder, and the powder just remains on the hairs and does not “sit” on the skin.

8. Floated Makeup

This is one of the beauty mistakes everyone makes. However, a primer will solve the problem. But if you don’t want to put extra layers on your face, look for waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Everything is also simple with lipstick: before applying color, outline your lips with a light-colored pencil.

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8 Beauty Mistakes to Avoid on a First Date
The first date is an exciting moment...but what about makeup? This article gives you 8 tips on avoiding beauty mistakes and looking fantastic on a first date.
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