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BBL? IPL? Sorting Out What Light Therapies Mean for Your Skin

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Could your skin use a pick-me-up? IPL, or intense pulsed light, treatments like broadband light (BBL) could be just the ticket to getting the smooth, clear, effortless-looking complexion you want without surgery, needles or extensive downtime. 

So what are IPL and BBL photofacials, anyway, and what makes them stand out among the many laser and light skin treatments out there? Use this guide to navigate your skin treatment options and help you decide which could be right for you.

How Light Treatments Differ from Lasers

Light and laser skin treatments are often discussed as if they are the same thing, but there are quite a few notable differences. To start, light treatments are generally gentler on your skin than laser treatments. This is because laser resurfacing penetrates more deeply into the skin and is aimed at removing the topmost layer of skin to reveal the fresh layer underneath. A few days after getting a laser treatment, your skin will begin to peel and may turn red or slightly swell as it heals.

Light treatments like BBL, on the other hand, target the skin’s surface in order to treat a wide range of common concerns including redness, acne, aging and more without causing the top layer of skin to peel away. For this reason, IPL photofacials are typically suitable for all skin types and don’t require downtime. Most people see the best IPL results after a series of treatment sessions.

Why Get IPL Treatments? 

Gentle but mighty IPL treatments can address a wide range of skin problems without causing redness, peeling or other signs of irritation. These are just a few of the reasons you might want to think about adding an IPL photofacial to your wishlist.

    • Reduce redness and visible blood vessels. These skin issues can be particularly problematic for people with rosacea, yet IPL treatments are gentle enough to be well-tolerated by even sensitive skin types.
    • Tame acne breakouts. IPL treatments like Forever Clear BBL use a combination of blue, yellow and infrared light to not only treat active acne lesions and clogged pores, but also help prevent new breakouts in the future. 
    • Smooth away signs of aging. Forever Young BBL is another popular IPL treatment that specifically targets signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots. This is an easy, four-step treatment that can have profound results in just a few sessions.

Choosing a Provider 

Even though IPL treatments are generally quick and easy, you’ll still want to work with a trained and experienced professional to ensure your safety and the best possible results. To choose the best IPL provider in your area, look at before and after photos on the provider’s website, read client reviews, ask friends and family for personal referrals and finally, schedule an appointment with your top one or two picks to visit the office and meet the staff.

Your IPL provider should be knowledgeable, willing to answer your questions and able to create a customized treatment plan just for you. 

BBL? IPL? Sorting Out What Light Therapies Mean for Your Skin
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BBL? IPL? Sorting Out What Light Therapies Mean for Your Skin
Are BBL face treatments right for you? The skincare experts at Sarasota Facial Aesthetics in Sarasota, Florida explain the benefits of IPL photofacials.
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