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5 Tips for Natural-Looking Facial Rejuvenation

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Keeping your skin healthy and rejuvenated can be one of the best ways to maintain a youthful, vibrant look no matter your age. There are many ways to bring out the natural beauty in your face, and using these five tips can help you plan your customized skin regimen.

1. Beauty Starts from the Inside Out

The most important thing to remember is that healthy skin starts with a healthy lifestyle. This includes staying hydrated and maintaining a diet rich in vitamins. Exercise boosts your circulation, and sweating opens your pores, clearing them of dirt and oil. I also highly recommend avoiding tobacco, as this can create smoker’s lines around the mouth, limit blood flow to the skin and reduce moisture and levels of Vitamin A.

2. Develop an Effective Skincare Routine

The products you use on your skin can have a major effect on overall skin health and appearance. I recommend using medical-grade skincare products to ensure that you get the benefits of top quality, scientifically tested skincare. The products you use should be hand-selected with the help of a professional to treat your specific skin type. Consulting with a trained specialist should help you develop your own skincare regimen.

3. Incorporate Non-Surgical Treatments

There are many excellent non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation. A chemical peel can remove the dull, damaged surface layer of the face, revealing a fresh, youthful complexion underneath. Chemical peels are customized for each patient’s needs, and can be used to treat acne scars, sunspots, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Peels can also be combined with BOTOX® Cosmetic or injectable fillers, smoothing out crow’s feet around the eyes and even deeper wrinkles.

If you’re more interested in benefits similar to those of a facelift, Ultherapy® Skin Tightening can be an excellent facelift alternative. This non-invasive treatment uses the help of ultrasound energy to lift, tone and tighten loose skin.

4. Don’t Forget about Smaller Surgeries

A comprehensive approach to bringing out the best in your face may involve less complex surgeries customized for your features. Eyelid surgery is common in patients with droopy skin above the eyes or puffy bags below them. This procedure can be performed only on the upper or lower lids, or on both simultaneously, and can help create a refreshed, alert and youthful appearance.

On the other hand, I sometimes find that patients who initially think their eyelids are creating their tired look are actually in need of a brow lift. Correcting a sagging brow can dramatically affect the overall facial makeup, creating a younger and more vibrant look.

Additionally, minor surgeries can correct overly prominent features like the ears or nose, as well as strengthen a weak chin. Talking with your surgeon about your facial structure is a great way to discover your options for enhancing your appearance.

5. Develop a Long-Term Relationship with a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

Lastly, it can be hugely beneficial to work with a skilled plastic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation. As you continue to see changes in your skin over the years, your surgeon can advise you on the best course for maintaining a youthful glow. Feeling comfortable with your surgeon is important, and having a long-term relationship with a specialist who knows your skin means you’ll have top recommendations for peels, products and treatments customized for your changing needs. And if you do decide you’re ready to take the extra step of getting a facelift, your surgeon can advise on how best to contribute to long-lasting facelift results so you can look your best for even longer.

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