6 Pretty Quick Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin before Summer

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Looking for quick, effective med spa skin rejuvenation treatments near you? Before you dive into an internet black hole of options, consider these six ways to spruce up your skin before summer with little to no discomfort and downtime. You’ll be ready to rock a fresh summer face in no time.

1. NanoFractional Radio Frequency

NanoFractional RF can be combined with IPL treatments to create a combo that can help tackle texture, tightness and pigmentation.

Improving the tone and texture of your skin can make a drastic improvement in your appearance. NanoFractional Radio Frequency treatments can help comprehensively improve your skin’s tone without a ton of downtime. NanoFractional RF does this by combining microneedling — another great option for skin rejuvenation — with radiofrequency to treat discoloration, fine lines, skin texture and redness.

NanoFractional RF uses microneedling with needles less than 1 millimeter long to deliver multi-polar radio frequency energy and pulsed electromagnetic fields. This creates even heat across the skin’s surface, stimulating the production of collagen and elastic fibers, which can result in firmer, more youthful-looking skin. There’s virtually no downtime and minimal discomfort involved.

2. Dynamic Variable Depth Radio Frequency

Dynamic Variable Depth Radio Frequency, also known as DVD RF, is similar to NanoFractional RF in its use of radio frequency and its ability to help improve your skin with minimal downtime and discomfort. The difference lies in the depth. DVD RF can reach skin depths of between 0.5 and 3 millimeters.

DVD RF treatments are specially designed to help tighten the skin by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. Tighter skin can mean a more youthful appearance and a rejuvenated complexion. While tightening skin is its design, DVD RF can also help tackle fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and uneven pigmentation. Many clients see results after just one session, but multiple treatments may be recommended for best results.

3. Fractional CO2 Resurfacing

Another med spa skin rejuvenation method with minimal downtime is Fractional CO2 Resurfacing. Fractional CO2 Resurfacing uses targeted laser technology to enhance skin on the face, neck and chest. During treatment, a laser “scatters” the energy of its beam at a high rate, allowing it to be more focused and penetrate deeper into the skin, producing dramatic results.

Not only are Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing treatments effective in tackling fine lines, uneven texture and hyperpigmentation, but they do so with minimal discomfort. Some laser treatments require an intravenous local anesthetic, but Fractional CO2 only requires a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Healing time is reduced in comparison to some other, outdated laser treatments as well. Your skin should heal within 3 to 5 days after Fractional CO2 treatments on your face and 5 to 7 days on your chest and neck.


Everybody knows that BOTOX® is the ultimate in summer med spa treatments — and winter, spring and fall med spa treatments. And for good reason. BOTOX can help you reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out your skin and reviving a more youthful appearance.

BOTOX is injected in the target treatment area to temporarily prevent the muscles causing wrinkles from moving. This results in a natural-looking, smooth solution to fine lines. There’s typically very little, if any, discomfort and you can resume your regular activities immediately. Just don’t touch or rub your injection site for at least 24 hours. BOTOX results can typically be seen in 3 to 7 days after your treatment and can last roughly 3 to 4 months.

5. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, like JUVEDERM, JUVEDERM Volbella and JUVEDERM Volume XC can revamp your look with very little discomfort and recovery time. These fillers can create a smoother look to your nasolabial folds — the creases in the skin adjacent to your nose — and add youthful fullness to your lips and cheeks. It can also revitalize the area around the eye, making you appear less tired. Many patients reported looking (and feeling!) younger after JUVEDERM, JUVEDERM Volbella or JUVEDERM Volume XC treatments.

Although you may want to take it easy on any strenuous activity the day of your treatment, you’ll be able to return to your routine right after. These dermal fillers can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, making them a great med spa summer stop on your way to year-long skin rejuvenation.

6. BLU-U Acne Therapy

Med spa skin rejuvenation treatments that focus on fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture aren’t the only options on the market for summer skin success. If you’re struggling with acne, consider BLU-U Acne Therapy light therapy treatments. This treatment uses a specially-designed blue light to combat the bacteria responsible for some types of acne. This light stimulates the production of “porphyrins” that kill bacteria present in clogged pores as well as reduces inflammation and helps to prevent future breakouts.

Quick 15-minute sessions of blue light therapy once or twice a week could be enough to help you tackle persistent acne. There’s no discomfort, no downtime and no reason not to give it a try. Consider summer your fresh start to find med spa skin rejuvenation near you.


6 Pretty Quick Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin before Summer
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6 Pretty Quick Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin before Summer
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