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5 Things Men First Notice About Women

woman preparing for a date

Women know how to attract men with their charm, but there are things that a man subconsciously evaluates in the first place. A woman can try to look amazing by endlessly preparing for the first date. However, according to the opens in a new windowbest dating sites review, a man will often immediately and unconsciously understand whether you are suitable for him, so do not try to jump over your head.

To understand whether they like a girl, men often only need one glance. Moreover, things that attract them are often not the ones that ladies focus on, but completely unexpected details. Here are some beauty tips to highlight 5 key features of a woman that men pay attention to.


This one’s probably not a surprise. It turns out that a beautiful smile is one of the first things that most men notice in women. Why is a smile so important? The fact is that when a woman smiles, she looks more friendly. It is much easier for a man to start a conversation with a smiling woman. A beautiful smile is also a sign of a positive outlook on life, and a woman who radiates happiness is always attractive in men’s eyes.

Be sure to take care of your opens in a new windowteeth beauty, and do not forget about oral hygiene. These beauty tips for women are the key to a charming smile.


It is not surprising that guys, first of all, pay attention to a girl’s eyes because the eyes can tell a lot about a person.

Studies have found that about 70% of opens in a new windowmen pay attention to women’s eyes, and only then to everything else. Unlike compliments about the rest of the body, compliments about beautiful eyes are often appropriate and appreciated. If you want men to pay more attention to you, learn how to emphasize your eyes’ beauty with some beauty tips. Use nude eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara, but do not overdo it. Stay natural.


Surprisingly, many men pay attention to women’s hair. Sure, they don’t notice things like a new haircut or highlights, but they always notice beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair. Therefore, you should use quality hair opens in a new windowcare products and beauty tips.

And what hairstyle do men like the most? There is no general rule here. But polls show that opens in a new windowmost men prefer women with long hair, although many also love bold colors and short haircuts. In any case, it’s best to wear the hairstyle that suits you as it will make you feel more confident. When you go out on a date, make sure your hair smells good. Hair that emits a pleasant scent can turn a man’s head.

Flawless Skin

You don’t need to have a medical education and deep knowledge to understand that if you see problem skin, not everything is good with a person’s health. The facial skin is especially sensitive and immediately reacts to lack of health care and poor nutrition.

Inflammation, redness, peeling, rashes, oily sheen are either a skin reaction to weather conditions, nutritional deficiencies, or a result of diseases. Look for the cause and, at the same time, fight the symptoms: use proper skincare and do not overdo it with makeup.


Men fall in love through their eyes – it is and will remain in their nature. You can talk endlessly about a great personality, but at the first meeting and even before meeting, a man first of all “reads” your appearance. Yes, he may not pay attention to some moments, but no one canceled the “classics of the genre”: the above-mentioned female characteristics will always be the “target” for a man’s gaze and attention.

5 Things Men First Notice About Women
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5 Things Men First Notice About Women
This article will tell you about 5 main features of a woman's appearance that are attractive to men and some beauty tips to get attention.
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