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Laser Hair Removal

5 Lies about Laser Hair Removal You Shouldn’t Believe

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has come a long way over the years. Although the technology and practice has evolved, some myths and lies continue to persist. Getting your laser hair removal facts straight should be the first step you take before scheduling a consultation. To get you started, here are 5 lies about laser hair removal you shouldn’t believe.

  1. Anyone Can Perform Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal uses sophisticated laser equipment that requires specialized handling. The myth that has most people duped is that anyone with the equipment is qualified to perform the procedure. This isn’t the case. To avoid injury or any unfavorable results, you should have laser hair removal done at an established med spa that has a qualified physician overseeing all procedures. The facility must also have qualified personnel to handle the laser equipment.

  2. Laser Hair Removal Does Not Work for Darker Skin Tones

    This is another lie that’s been doing the rounds for quite some time. The rumor is that if you have a darker skin tone, then laser hair removal won’t work for you. In all fairness, this was fact way back when the equipment used to target dark pigments in the skin instead of hair follicles. Today, laser hair removal has evolved to the point that it no longer confuses dark skin with hair follicles. These days, laser hair removal can offer safe, effective results on dark skin tones.

  3. Laser Hair Removal Is Completely Painless

    The lie here is that laser hair removal is totally painless, but that’s not entirely true. The fact is that laser hair removal can cause some discomfort, like someone snapping a rubber band against your skin. While this cannot be described as painful, it does create some discomfort. Some patients opt to take an Advil® or have a topical anesthesia applied to the treatment area to reduce this discomfort.

       Getting the facts about laser hair removal straight is the best way to understand the procedure, and can help prepare you for excellent results.

  4. Having a Tan Excludes You from Having Laser Hair Removal

    Now this is something you really should believe! If you have done indoor tanning or have a suntan from being outdoors, then you’ll need to wait before going for laser hair removal. This is because a tan makes the skin sensitive, and having laser hair removal with a tan can leave you vulnerable to discoloration, burns or even scarring. Consult with a certified laser technician to determine how long you should wait before receiving laser hair removal after tanning.

  5. One Session of Laser Hair Removal Is Enough

    Here’s the myth: You check into the med spa, have one session of laser hair removal, and that’s it– smooth skin for life. Not so fast. Laser hair removal works by literally zapping your hair follicles so they don’t grow back. However, laser hair removal only targets hair when it’s in the active growth phase, and because hair grows at different stages, multiple sessions are necessary in order to target all of the follicles in a treatment area.

    If you’re considering laser hair removal, our advice is to ask the right laser hair removal questions and get all the facts straight so you know exactly what you’ll be getting and how the outcome will meet your needs and expectations.

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