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4 Weird but Important Questions about Breast Augmentation

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You have probably heard the saying before that no question is a bad question as long as you learn something. This is true when it comes to talking with your surgeon and asking questions about your breast augmentation. However, just because they aren’t bad questions, some may sound a little weird when you ask. But despite sounding a bit weird, many of these weird breast augmentation questions actually give you a lot of important information.

Can Squeezing the Breasts During Sex Cause Them to Burst or Change Shape?

If you experience a saline implant rupture it will not pop like a balloon, but rather slowly lose size and shape as the implant leaks.

This is a common question that many women have. While breast implant rupture is possible, chances are it will not happen during intimate interaction. If your partner enjoys squeezing and teasing your breasts, chances are they do not squeeze enough to cause you pain. If they do, then a rupture is possible, but highly unlikely. However, this does not mean that applied pressure to the breast can not cause problems with your breast implants. For example, if you were in a car accident and hit your chest against the steering wheel, that pressure could be enough to rupture an implant.

Can Breast Implants Freeze in Temperatures Below Zero?

Breast implants are either saline liquid or silicone gel and both can freeze in extreme temperatures. Silicone gel has a freezing point of -67 degrees Fahrenheit while saline has a freezing point of -28.4 degrees Fahrenheit. So, does this mean you need to avoid living in areas with extremely cold winters to stop your breasts from freezing? The good news is the outside weather, no matter how cold it is, will not affect your breast implants as your body temperature will never get that cold and if it does, freezing implants are the least of your worries.

Can My Breast Augmentation Be a Tax Deduction?

Breast implants and breast augmentation surgery isn’t cheap and unfortunately isn’t covered under most health insurance policies as it isn’t considered medically necessary. However, depending on what you do for a living, you might be able to declare your breast augmentation as a business expense and tax write-off. But don’t get too excited. This won’t apply to most women. However, if you are a stage performer or model where your appearance affects your career, talk with your tax specialist about possible tax deductions. 

Will Breast Augmentation Make Me Gain Weight?

When you choose breast augmentation surgery, you are choosing to increase the size of your breasts, but will adding implants cause you to pack on the pounds? While implants do weigh a small amount, the additional weight caused by breast augmentation is likely to be around a pound or slightly more. If you want to make sure your weight does not increase after a breast augmentation procedure, follow a healthy diet, watch the amount of food you eat and maintain a regular exercise routine.

4 Weird but Important Questions about Breast Augmentation
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4 Weird but Important Questions about Breast Augmentation
While no question is a bad question, Dr. Scot Martin answers some weird breast augmentation questions that actually provide some good information.
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