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4 Ways a Breast Lift Can Enhance Your Implants

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Achieving beautiful breasts is about more than just size. Breast shape, position and texture are all equally important. Including a breast lift with your implants can take you the extra step to a more comprehensive breast enhancement. Here are four ways a breast lift can add to the benefits of implants.

1. Improves Ptosis

While minor degrees of ptosis, or sagging, can sometimes improve with breast implants alone, women with a more generous breast volume or greater degrees of sagging can benefit greatly from a breast lift combined with implants. Lifting the breasts to a higher position on the torso can enhance cleavage and create an uplifted, perkier profile.

2. Reduces Areola Size

Age, pregnancy and weight fluctuations can all contribute to sagging of the breasts, and this stretching of the skin often expands the areola and can even move the nipples off-center. In a breast lift, the areola can be resized as needed and the nipple repositioned for a proportionate look.

3. Firmer Breast Texture

A breast lift involves reshaping breast tissue and tightening the skin over the new breast shape, creating a smoother, firmer breast texture. When combined with implants, the results can be even more impressive.

4. Restores a Youthful Profile

With your new breast shape, size and placement, your silhouette will naturally take on a younger-looking profile. While augmenting the breasts for greater volume can be an excellent option for women seeking to improve their figure, combining implants with a lift can give you a subtly enhanced appearance that helps you look as young as you feel on top of increasing your cup size.

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