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4 Things to Consider Before Having a Mommy Makeover

Mom carrying daughter on back: Mommy Makeover

Before moving forward with a mommy makeover — or any cosmetic procedure, for that matter — it is important to do some research and make sure this is the right procedure and timing for you. If you’ve been thinking about getting a mommy makeover, these four factors can help you decide if you’re ready to move onto the next step of your journey.

1. Is the Timing Right?

Many women plan to take around two weeks off work to recover from a mommy makeover.

There is no right or wrong age or set number of years after having kids to get a mommy makeover. More importantly, you want to make sure that the stage of life you’re in will allow you the flexibility to take some time for yourself. Here are a few questions to consider that might help you determine if the time is right.

  • Is this a good time in your career to take a 2-3 weeks off for recovery?
  • Are your kids and/or spouse able to help out around the house while you take some much-needed downtime?


2. Do You Have Support?

You will need some extra help around the house for the first week or so after your mommy makeover. Having a good support system can help make your healing process go as smoothly as possible, so make sure you have someone lined up to help with child care, pet care, household chores and errands before scheduling your procedure.

3. What Do You Want to Include in Your Mommy Makeover?

Once you’ve decided that a mommy makeover could be right for you, it’s time to start thinking about the specific procedures you would like to include. Having a clear idea of your goals and priorities going into your consultation can help your plastic surgeon advise you as to which procedures could yield the best results based on your individual needs.

4. Have You Found the Right Plastic Surgeon?

Even though you’re excited, you don’t want to rush the process. Do your research and choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with ample experience performing mommy makeovers. Look for previous client reviews, as well as before and after photos on the practice’s website. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, schedule a consultation or two to help you decide which plastic surgeon is the best fit for you.


4 Things to Consider Before Having a Mommy Makeover
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4 Things to Consider Before Having a Mommy Makeover
What should you check off your list before a mommy makeover? The board-certified plastic surgeons at Kaufman & Davis in Sacramento, California explain.
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