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Breast Augmentation

How to Navigate Planning MTF Breast Augmentation

MTF Breast Augmentation: Transgender businesswoman standing in front of yellow background while smiling with crossed arms.

There are a lot of tutorials and guides online to help individuals plan for breast augmentation. However, the vast majority of them are designed for those who were assigned female at birth.

Anyone needing male-to-female (MTF) breast augmentation should fully understand how to navigate the process before they jump in. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Wait for the Right Moment

Waiting several months to a year after starting feminizing hormone therapy for your breast augmentation usually provides the best results.

MTF breast augmentation surgery can be done at any stage of the transition process. However, it is generally best to wait until the results of hormone therapy are apparent. Transgender women and non-binary transfeminine individuals typically begin developing breast tissue while on feminizing hormone therapy.

Some will find that the tissue they grow naturally fulfills their expectations, while others may want to change the volume or shape of their breasts. No matter what, getting breast implants before the tissue has had time to develop could have a negative impact on the results.

Consider Your Incision Options

One aspect of MTF breast augmentation that can be easily overlooked when thinking of the bigger picture is where the incisions will be made. Some incision techniques can leave more visible scarring than others. However, they may offer better end results. Incision options for MTF breast augmentation include the peri-areolar incision (around the areola) and the inframammary incision (under the breast).

Be Flexible on Size

Depending on how your breasts have developed with hormone therapy, there may or may not be enough skin to accommodate your desired breast implants.

Your plastic surgeon should be upfront with you about what can and cannot work for your MTF breast augmentation. If necessary, a two-part procedure could be considered to expand the skin and make room for larger implants.

Have Realistic Expectations

Going into surgery, you cannot know precisely what your breasts will look like until you are fully recovered, and the breast implants have settled into place. In many cases, transfeminine individuals are happy with the results of their surgery, but this is contingent upon having realistic expectations throughout the process.

Gear Up for the Recovery Period

Before you can enjoy the results of your long-awaited surgery, you will need to safely get through the MTF top surgery recovery period.

You should prepare for this well in advance of surgery, as you will need to take time off from work, purchase the right clothing, line up help and possibly clear MTF breast augmentation aftercare with your insurance provider. Things to prepare include:

  • Loose, comfortable clothing
  • Supportive sports bras with front closures
  • Pillows to make sleeping more comfortable
  • Assistance driving home
  • Help around the house for any lifting over 10 pounds

After surgery, you will need to see your plastic surgeon for several aftercare appointments, as well. And remember that the final results will not be visible until swelling has gone down, which can take several months.


How to Navigate Planning MTF Breast Augmentation
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How to Navigate Planning MTF Breast Augmentation
Dr. David Dellinger of Elysian Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas explains the unique aspects of planning MTF breast augmentation.
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