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4 Important Aspects of a Man’s Appearance

Important Aspects

While some men are content to wear simple outfits and not really care about how they look, others are motivated to take those extra steps to maximize their appearance. Motivations may include personal pride, a desire to continue your childhood athleticism, or simply to be more attractive to women. Whatever the reason you want to maximize your look is, it’s important to know the best way to allocate your time and money. Discover the four aspects of attractiveness that matter most for men.

Do you Care About Your Looks?

It’s almost a stereotype that many men could care less about their appearance and care more about things like football, fishing, business, and other traditionally manly topics. However, that trend is rapidly changing as more men are paying for services that enhance their appearance in various ways.

More Men Are Focusing on their Appearance Now than Ever Before

Traditionally, men were seen as strong, silent, and not involved with anything that can be considered too feminine. But those times are changing, as an increasing number of men are seeking plastic surgery, taking time to tan, and applying cleansers to ensure that their skin appears youthful. These statistics highlight the changes in men’s perspective when it comes to aesthetics:

  • Men account for 40% of breast augmentation surgeries.
  • 30,200,000 men currently belong to a health club or gym.
  • The age group that works out most often are 30-39 year olds.
  • Men who get BOTOX have increased by 337% since the year 2000.

Four Crucial Ways to Improve Your Look

If you have $100 and a free weekend to improve your attractiveness, how will you use it? The truth is, there are multiple factors that contribute to your appearance, and each of them is vital to how you portray yourself. For example, if you have an awesome style and wardrobe, but don’t care for your body, hair, and skin, your attractiveness will be a fraction of what it could be. If you have 6-pack abs, but a crooked, stained smile, that will impede on your physical appeal as well. Each of these areas plays a major role in your self-image, and if one is neglected, it will greatly reduce your hard work in other areas. Consider these four ways to make vast improvements in your attractiveness.

Body – Make an Effort to Get More Fit and People Will Notice

With about two-thirds of Americans being overweight or obese, choosing to be fit will really make you stand out among your peers. There are many ways to live a fit life, and depending on the path you choose, you’ll end up with a different physique. Here are some examples of looks that different types of fitness routines will lead to:

  • Bodybuilding at the gym without cardio will cause you to be muscular and bulky.
  • CrossFit and similar workouts will lead to an overall fit and balanced physique.
  • Cardio-heavy workouts like running and swimming lead to a long and lean look.
  • Casual lifting and weekend workouts can provide some noticeable muscle as well.

Why is Putting Effort into Your Body So Important?

The obvious answer to why fitness is important is because of the hardbody, toned, look that it creates. However, there are other unforeseen benefits as well. When someone sees that you take care of yourself, it conveys that you’re active rather than lazy and that unlike so many men who completely let themselves go, you care about your life and the people around you.

Smile – Flash a Great Smile for a Memorable First Impression

There’s no doubt that women care a lot about teeth. A recent study showed that 71% of women consider a “nice smile” the number one most attractive trait in a potential date. The fact is, even if you’re top tier in other areas, flashing a smile full of jagged teeth is a dealbreaker for many women. Fortunately, there are a wide range of options for perfecting your smile.

How to Get the Smile You Deserve

Cosmetic dental treatments have evolved a lot in recent years, and many are quicker and more convenient than ever. Dentists specialize in different treatments and can provide the meaningful changes you need to optimize your smile. Here are some examples of procedures that can massively upgrade your appearance and where you can get them done:

Since the decision to fix your smile involves money rather than effort, it’s attainable for just about everyone who wants it bad enough. Even if you have to take out a loan or apply to a service like CareCredit, the investment into your smile will improve your look in a major way.

Skin – Always Visible, Skin Reflects Your Age and Lifestyle

For both men and women, fresh and flawless skin is one of the most vital aspects of beauty. Skin that’s dry and droopy can leave you looking years older than you actually are. Also, if you’re someone who suffers from blemishes and acne scars, that can take a toll on your appearance as well. Skin treatments are extremely popular today and you can choose from a wide variety of them for whatever you want to improve.

5 Mistakes that Cause Bad Skin

  • Tobacco use
  • Excessive drinking
  • Poor diet with high sugar and sodium
  • Never going outside
  • Too much sun exposure

5 Ways to Improve Your Skin

  • Microdermabrasion – Removes dead skin cells and stimulates new ones.
  • BOTOX – Popular treatment that removes wrinkles in your skin for months at a time.
  • Chemical Peels – Effective at smoothing over acne scars and other blemishes.
  • Tanning with Sunscreen – Responsible tanning gives your skin a golden tint.
  • Thermage – Smooths the contours on your face and stimulates collagen production.

Hair – Maximizing Whatever You Have Makes a Huge Difference

While not every man is blessed with a thick head of hair, there are men who own their hairstyle, whatever it may be. Even if you’re completely bald or have a thinning hairline, it’s still possible to pull off this look and make it a part of you – just look at bald manly legends like Joe Rogan, Jason Statham, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However your hair looks, the most vital part is that you optimize it as best as you can. Here are some suggestions:

  • If your hairline is thinning, consider shaving it – many women prefer bald men anyway.
  • If you never liked your natural hair, consider a drastic change in color, length, or style.
  • Grooming is vital – at least ensure that your hair is neat and well-managed.
  • More hair means more responsibility – have a plan if you’re growing it out long.

Isn’t it Worth the Extra Effort to Maximize Your Attractiveness?

While no one wants to think of themselves as shallow, the reality is we all make judgments based on a person’s hair, skin, smile, and body. From those with crooked teeth appearing less successful to people with bad skin looking years beyond their age, it’s clear that our appearance definitely plays a role in the doors that open for us in life. Ultimately, investing in your attractiveness is akin to upgrading the social, dating, and career opportunities you’ll encounter in life.

4 Important Aspects of a Man's Appearance
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4 Important Aspects of a Man's Appearance
From their body to their smile, certain aspects of men's physique can play a major role in their overall attractiveness. Discover why each of these is crucial.
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