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Mommy Makeover

3 Ways to Get the Best Results from Your Mommy Makeover

The process of pregnancy and childbirth can a truly fulfilling experience for many women, yet can also be hard on a woman’s body. The physical changes that arise from this process may not always be welcome, so many women opt for the mommy makeover – a combination of cosmetic procedures that results in a firmer tummy and breasts.

The specific procedures involved in a mommy makeover can vary according to your personal goals, but mommy makeovers usually include breast enhancement, a tummy tuck and liposuction. Here are 3 ways you can make sure to get the best mommy makeover results:

Don’t Rush Your Surgery

The changes that motherhood can bring about in your body may cause some women to start looking into a mommy makeover right away. However, the best results from your mommy makeover come from waiting for your body to return to its natural rhythm and chemistry after giving birth.

Be at Your Target Weight

Tummy tucks and liposuction are designed to contour your body in ways that regular diet and exercise are unable to achieve, so the best results come when your weight has already stabilized.

   You should make sure to already be at your target weight to get the best mommy makeover results.

Maintain Healthy Habits

Even before you get your mommy makeover, know that the best long-term outcome will come from maintaining a healthy diet and by exercising regularly. Having a strong, healthy body will ease recovery, aid in healing and ensure that you’re able to maintain the results for long afterward.

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