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Cosmetic Surgery

3 Tips to Maximize a Virtual Cosmetic Surgery Consult

Cosmetic Surgery Consult

Rather than traveling to meet with your cosmetic surgeon face-to-face, why not join the increasing number of people who are opting for virtual consultation instead? A virtual plastic surgery consultation can be just as effective as a more traditional in-person session, providing you are prepared and know how to maximize the benefits. You may find a virtual consultation particularly appealing if you intend to travel a considerable distance.

  1. Send Photos to Your Plastic Surgeon in Advance

    One potential downside of a virtual consultation is reducing your cosmetic surgeon’s ability to see your body and examine the problem areas you are hoping to improve. To make the process more efficient, make sure to email recent photos in advance, enabling your cosmetic surgeon to be prepared and gain an understanding before your virtual consultation.

  2. Know What You Want

    You don’t have to have your plastic surgery plans set in stone prior to your virtual consultation, but the time will be far better spent if you have a decent idea of what procedures you would like to schedule. This will allow your cosmetic surgeon to provide relevant advice and guidance, perhaps offering alternatives where more appropriate.

       Communication is key when it comes to a successful virtual consultation.

     You may also be required to have certain health checks carried out by a local doctor in advance.

  3. Honesty is the Best Policy

    Difficult as it may seem, it is essential for you to be honest with your cosmetic surgeon during the virtual consultation session. Remember that you need to work as a team to achieve best results, and your cosmetic surgeon wants to do the best job possible. Further face-to-face meetings may be required between an initial virtual consultation and the actual procedure, but absolute honesty will avoid any unnecessary delay.

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