Breast Augmentation

3 Ways Husbands Can Help after Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Many husbands want to be supportive and helpful as their wives undergo breast augmentation surgery, yet they often aren’t quite sure how. Here are three ways that you can contribute to your wife’s recovery after she gets breast implants that will always be welcome.

  1. Be Present Physically

    Although you definitely won’t be allowed into the operating room during your wife’s breast enlargement procedure, you’re more than welcome to be present at the facility. In fact, since your wife will need someone to drive her home from her appointment, you should volunteer to drive her there as well, and plan on spending the whole day with her. Even if you can’t be in the room during her surgery, just knowing you’re nearby will be a comfort.

  2. Be Present Emotionally

    Cosmetic surgery can sometimes bring on cold feet and last-minute uncertainty; after all, your wife is making a lasting change in her appearance. This can feel a bit intimidating to her, even if she’s wanted implants for many years. The best thing you can do is to be supportive and calming both before and after surgery, and encourage her to trust her instincts. Let her know that you love and support her no matter what.

  3. Get Things Ready

    It’s important that your wife has plenty of time to rest after surgery, especially in the first few days. Make arrangements for meals and child care, set up a nice comfy recovery area for her and plan to spend some extra time at home. She might not need your direct help after some initial adjustment, but again, just knowing you’re nearby and available will help her feel more relaxed and positive, two critical elements of a speedy, healthy recovery.

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