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3 Tips for a Beautiful Breast Surgery Revision

Breast Surgery

It’s incredibly disappointing to end up feeling disappointed about the results of your breast augmentation, especially when you were looking so forward to the outcome. Breast surgery revision helps you better achieve your cosmetic goals, whether that means going larger, smaller or just improving the aesthetics of your new breast shape. Here are three tips to help ensure a beautiful result after your revision surgery.

  1. Find an Experienced Breast Surgery Revision Surgeon

    Although experience makes a difference in every cosmetic procedure, it’s absolutely essential to choose the best plastic surgeon for revision surgery. This means finding a board certified plastic surgeon who performs many breast surgery revisions every year, and who can show you ample examples of those surgeries so you have a good idea of his or her caliber.

  2. Be Prepared for Additional Procedures

    In some cases, revision surgery may require additional procedures to better meet your appearance goals. For example, choosing smaller implants may necessitate a breast lift at the same time in order to achieve the firm, perky look you hope for. On a positive note, you should also know that these procedures and the revision itself are often eligible for insurance coverage, so additional surgery doesn’t have to mean going over your budget.

  3. Maintain Realistic Expectations

    While breast surgery revision in the hands of a skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon can definitely improve your figure, keep in mind that your surgeon may face limitations that affect your final results such as existing scar tissue, the way your body has healed and other factors. Stay positive and know that you’ll be happier after your revision, but also realize that the goal of revision surgery is definitive improvement rather than absolute perfection.

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