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Breast Implants

3 Reasons Breast Surgeons Suggest Submuscular Implant Placement

Brunette in Lingerie on BedThere are a lot of things to love about submuscular breast implant placement. And for Dr. Meade, selecting the right placement for you is just as important as how he picks the right size and type of breast implant. Both the type of breast implant and placement can have impact how your final results look and feel.

1. Improved Coverage

Submuscular placement can be a great option for every woman, though especially for women undergoing reconstruction after fighting cancer and women who have a smaller amount of natural breast tissue. The additional layer of muscle provides thicker, more extensive coverage than subglandular placement where all you have is your natural breast tissue over the implant. The result can be implants that look and feel more natural.

2. Easier Mammograms

For more mature women, mammograms are a critical part of monitoring breast health. Whether you have mammograms now or are planning for the future, submuscular placement can make your mammogram more comfortable and easier to obtain the additional X-rays to fully examine your breast tissue. Submuscular placement also tends to cause less scar tissue, which makes it harder to get a clear image of your breast.

3. Better Long-Term Results

Submuscular placement for your breast augmentationopens WORD file can also help you achieve optimal long-term results in a couple of ways. One is by reducing the amount of scar tissue that forms around your breast implants. Excessive scar tissue, or capsular contracture, can mar the visible results of your augmentation and could require revision surgery to correct.

Submuscular placement also helps sustain your results by holding your breast implants in the desired spot because the muscle provides better support than breast tissue alone and lessens the possibility that your breast implants could sag.

During your consultation, Dr. Meade can further explain why submuscular implant placement may be right for you.

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