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3 Ways to Avoid Botched Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery can beautifully enhance one’s appearance when performed properly, but the results can be devastating when things don’t turn out as planned. There’s even a hit TV show dedicated to people who’ve had botched plastic surgery and finally find improvement with revision surgery. Unless you hope to be featured on a future episode, here are three ways to avoid a botched plastic surgery procedure.

1. Consult with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

To obtain board certification, a plastic surgeon must meet and maintain incredibly high standards with regard to education, experience and accreditations. Board-certification should be a must-have when you choose a plastic surgeon. It means you’re trusting your health and safety to someone who’s highly qualified and will help ensure you get the best results possible.

2. Avoid Medical Tourism

Medical tourism can be tempting because it offers plastic surgery at substantially reduced rates than you can find in the United States, but think about what you may be sacrificing for the sake of savings. When you travel abroad for surgery, it can be very difficult to determine the credentials and experience of your surgeon, and there are likely lower standards in place with regard to sterilization, protocols and patient safety. All of this can lead to not only botched results but dangerous infections, complications or even death.

3. Clearly Communicate Your Goals with Your Plastic Surgeon

Be very clear and specific about the results you’d like to achieve when talking with your surgeon, and use photos instead of vague or subjective verbal descriptions. For example, “full” or “average” mean different things to different people when talking about breast implants. However, if you bring photos of the results you want with breast augmentation, miscommunication is less likely.

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