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Brazilian Butt Lift

3 Advantages of Fat Transfer Over Implants

Brazilian butt lift

For many people, the days of weighing the disadvantages of silicone butt implants against their desire for a shapelier derrière are over. Today, the Brazilian butt lift offers the benefits of butt implants without the drawbacks. The procedure has become so popular that 2015 was even dubbed the Year of the Rear, and with these 3 advantages, it’s no wonder.

  1. You Get Lipo Somewhere Else

    Butt augmentation with implants simply enhances your butt. A Brazilian butt liftopens WORD file uses your own natural fat collected through liposuction from somewhere else in your body. Dr. Meade collects and purifies the fat, then strategically injects the fat into your buttocks for long-lasting results that you can see immediately.

       You get liposuction to contour your waist or another trouble spot, PLUS a fuller butt

  2. You Won’t Have a Scar

    Butt implants require an incision to allow for implant insertion and placement, leaving you with scars that may not be completely covered by clothing or a swimsuit. Because a Brazilian butt lift uses injections to distribute the fat, you won’t have an incision or a scar. Dr. Meade will make tiny incisions for the liposuction portion of the procedure but placement is discreet and any scarring is typically minimal.

  3. A BBL Is All-Natural Augmentation

    A Brazilian butt lift avoids the potential hassles of butt implants. You won’t have to worry about implants moving or rupturing, capsular contracture, the possibility of feeling the implant when you sit or your results looking or feeling fake.

    A BBL adds volume with your own fat for a butt that looks and feels completely natural with shape and definition that cannot be mimicked with exerciseopens WORD file . BBL results are also long-lasting because the grafted fat cells stabilize and grow in their new location.

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