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Top Three Procedures That Use Your Own Fat

Top Three Procedures

These days, we don’t always talk about fat in a positive light. In fact, many of us have talked about losing that fat. But now we can put it to work. In fact, fat graft techniques (in which fat is removed from one area of the body and deposited elsewhere) are among the fastest growing procedures in the field of plastic surgery. The top three procedures that use your own fat address some commonly requested areas, which means beautiful results for patients!

Procedure #1: Brazilian Butt Lift

Easily the most popular fat transfer procedure on the market today is the Brazilian butt lift. Known colloquially as a BBL, this procedure removed fat from an unwanted place (usually around the belly) and puts it to good use by increasing the size of the buttocks. This procedure is great for increasing the size and roundness of the rear end. That you can lose a few pounds off your waist is a huge bonus and helps explain some of the immense popularity of this procedure.

Procedure #2: Fat Graft Breast Augmentation

Most breast augmentation procedures are still performed using silicone breast implants. However, one option that’s gaining traction is called a fat graft breast augmentation, and it takes an approach quite similar to the Brazilian butt lift. During a fat graft breast augmentation, fat is removed from an area where it’s not wanted (usually the belly), purified, then used to increase the bust size of the patient.

Procedure #3: Fat Graft Facelift

Fat can also be used to mitigate wrinkles. When this technique is used to eliminate wrinkles in the face, it’s called a fat graft facelift. In essence, a tiny amount of fat is removed from the body, then used as a kind of permanent dermal filler. That’s the nice thing about the fat: it replaces the volume in your face and it stays there. That means you don’t have to get periodic maintenance injections in order to keep your results. A fat graft facelift is a great way to take a few years off your face (and a few pounds off your waist)!

Why Are Fat Graft Procedures So Popular?

This “two-for-one” element of fat graft procedures is one the main reasons they’re so popular. But it’s not the only reason. In fact, fat graft procedures have a multitude of benefits, including the following:

  • Results look incredibly natural (because, well, they are natural)
  • The procedure is minimally invasive (in fact, only as invasive as a liposuction)
  • Recovery goes relatively quickly
  • Results are effectively permanent

If you want to know more about fat graft procedures, the best place to find answers is from a highly qualified plastic surgeon. The popularity of these procedures alone suggests that the results can be quite fantastic for a wide variety of patients. These top three procedures that use your own fat could, in fact, be just the beginning.

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