Brazilian Butt Lift

The History of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt liftIn the last two decades, the popularity of the Brazilian butt lift has increased so much that it’s now considered mainstream. But this wasn’t always the case. Butt lifts were so uncommon before 2000 that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons didn’t even track them. So what’s changed?

Buttocks Implants

Although breast implants have been around since the 1890s, butt implants didn’t appear in medical journals until 1969. The first buttocks implants were actually the same silicone implants used for breasts, just placed in a different area. When these implants were unsuccessful, cosmetic surgeons tried using a prosthetic specifically designed for the butt, which was inserted between the skin and outermost muscle layer. However, the prosthetics also proved largely ineffective.

Submuscular Gluteoplasty

Realizing that the anatomy of this area is more complex than a single layer of muscle, Argentinian surgeon Dr. Jose Robles tried placing the implant between two muscle layers, rather than directly beneath the skin. Known as the submuscular gluteoplasty, this procedure was more effective than other buttocks enhancement procedures, but it still wasn’t perfect.

Intramuscular Implant

Similar to the submuscular gluteoplasty, this technique placed the implant closer to the surface which lent it more stability. Although this method allowed for larger implants, artificial implants simply were not suitable for such a moveable body part.

Autologous Fat Transfer: The Brazilian Butt Lift

Finally, South American cosmetic surgeons used fat from other areas of the body and injected it into the butt to create the Brazilian butt lift. With this method, the results look and feel natural and don’t impede movement. In recent decades, the Brazilian butt lift has continued to increase in popularity. What was once an uncommon and intensive procedure is now a relatively quick outpatient surgery with a fairly short recovery period.

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