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You Can Be Thankful for Your Body & Still Get a Mommy Makeover

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Hop onto social media and you are certain to see posts and memes meant to empower moms and encourage them to love the skin they’re in.

While we are on board with the message of loving yourself, being thankful for your body and what it has done, it’s also okay to seek cosmetic surgery when you want to improve some areas. There are many reasons why moms get mommy makeovers that do not negate being grateful for the motherhood experience.

Start Your Day with Confidence

We have all heard the phrase: “When you look good, you feel good.” While, looking good does not magically make life better, it does set the stage for each day by letting you start out feeling confident in yourself.

Mothers often have a lot going on with work and family, so appearance can become a low priority when you’re super busy. Women who are candidates for a mommy makeover can have a procedure tailored to them and take this important item off their daily list.

Feel More Comfortable in Your Clothes

Many mothers love their new role in life but still want to change the way their body looks. And that’s okay!

Another reason why to get a mommy makeover is to help you feel more comfortable and confident in the way your clothes fit and look. Bulging due to stubborn fat and excess skin can have a negative impact on your confidence and keep you from wearing the clothing you want.

In an attempt to hide bulging, many moms opt for pieces that are meant to hide mom bods rather than flatter them, which can add to the lack of confidence in their physical appearance. By addressing sagging skin and bulges, mommy makeovers can give women the chance to embrace looks that match the image they have of themselves.

Fix Bothersome Post-Partum Changes

When most people think about post-partum changes to the body, they think of a little extra fat around the middle and some stretchmarks that no one else actually notices. While these subtle changes can be addressed with non-surgical contouring for post-partum bodies, many mothers may want or need plastic surgery to address more significant bodily changes.

For example, mommy makeovers can repair separated abdominal muscles. If the abdominal skin is stretched to the point that it is causing skin chafing and rashes, it can be removed. Some women even see their breast size decrease by more than a cup size after they stop breastfeeding and find the physical sensation of their sagging breasts extremely uncomfortable, no matter what type of bra they wear.

For these women, the reason why they get mommy makeovers is that no amount of confidence can change the physical problems their new body is giving them.

Your Body Is Your Own

Here is the thing: you don’t need a reason to get a mommy makeover that society deems acceptable. If you want a mommy makeover, your reasons are your own. So whether you want a simple tummy tuck or a full revitalization, do what you think is best for you and look into your options with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.


You Can Be Thankful for Your Body & Still Get a Mommy Makeover
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You Can Be Thankful for Your Body & Still Get a Mommy Makeover
Dr. Francesco Campanile of Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver, CO explains why to get a mommy makeover, even if you are thankful for your new body.
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