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When Should You Have Your Breast Implants Replaced?

Breast Implants Replaced

Once you get your beautiful new breast implants, you may feel like you’re set for life. But breast implants require careful attention and eventually even replacement. The rule of thumb used to be that a pair of breast implants would last you roughly 10 years before it was time to replace them. It’s estimated that roughly 20 percent of implants will need some kind of revision procedure about a decade after the initial augmentation.

For the other 80 percent of women with breast implants, there are some telltale signs that it’s time to talk to your cosmetic surgeon about replacing your breast implants. The lifespan of your augmentation will ultimately depend on the type of implant you choose, your body and how you feel about the way you look. Here are a few ways to know when it’s time for a breast implant replacement.

Your Saline Implants Have Started to Deflate

If you have saline implants, the best way to determine if it’s time to have a replacement is if your implants begin to look and feel deflated. If your saline implants start to leak, you’ll notice a definitive change in the size of your breasts after roughly two days of gradual deflation. From here, you should schedule an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon to discuss the best options for breast implant replacement.

Your Silicone Gel Implants Have Ripped or Hardened

A rupture in a silicone implant is a bit more difficult to detect than a tear in saline. Because of their consistency, modern silicone implants are less likely to actually leak when they’ve torn. Their contents are held in place by scar tissue that naturally forms around implants called a scar tissue capsule. It’s recommended by the FDA that you get an MRI to check for unnoticeable ruptures 3 years after you have your breast augmentation and every 2 years after that. The scar tissue capsule can contract over time and cause your breast implants to feel hard or uncomfortable. This is another signal that it’s time for a breast implant replacement.

Monitor your implant to help determine when it’s time to get a breast implant replacement.

You’ve Noticed a Deformation or a Change in Breast Symmetry

A determining factor in the need for a breast implant replacement can be a change in the shape or symmetry of your implants. If you notice a deformation in your breasts or that the symmetry of your implants seems off, consult your surgeon to see if the situation is something that can be corrected with surgery. Things like improper implant selection, improper pocket creation, displacement of the implant, issues arising from weight loss or pregnancy and dropping or stretching can all be remedied with a breast implant replacement.

You’re Ready for a Change

Another sign you’re ready for a breast implant replacement is that you’re ready for a new look. Maybe you went for a dramatic look initially and now you’re ready for more natural-looking breast augmentation results. Or maybe you went too small the first time around and you’d like to go a bit bigger. Either way, talk to your cosmetic surgeon about revision surgery if you’re ready for a change in your breast appearance.


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