When Do You Start Seeing Results from Liposuction?


Liposuction continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for both women and men. Although you may be anxious to see your smoother, slimmer figure, it’s important to understand the timeline of recovery that you can expect before fully enjoying your final results.

Here is a general outline of what you can expect during each stage of your liposuction recovery.

The First Few Weeks

It’s normal to experience swelling and some discomfort during the first two weeks or so after your procedure. During this time, it’s crucial that you allow your body to fully rest and recover, so don’t push yourself to do too much too soon.

Your cosmetic surgeon will likely recommend that you wear a compression garment for the first couple of weeks after liposuction to help reduce swelling and promote blood flow.

Around week 3, you should be able to start incorporating light exercise and other mild physical activities back into your regular routine.

Weeks 4, 5 and 6

During this time, you will notice swelling and bruising gradually diminish, and you should be able to increase the amount of physical activity you’re able to perform, provided that your cosmetic surgeon gives you the okay.

Around week 6 of liposuction recovery, most people begin to see their smooth, sleek results taking shape.

Your Final Results

Over the next weeks, you should notice that swelling is completely gone and your clothes feel like they are fitting much more loosely. Although it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for your final results to reveal themselves, you’ll see gradual improvements from here on out.

Keep in mind that everyone will recover at their own pace, so be sure to check in with your cosmetic surgeon should you have any questions or concerns along the way.

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