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Weight Loss and Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Although Denver is rated one of the healthiest and most active cities in the country, it’s also a major metro area in terms of number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed. What this says to me is that my patients in general are responsible about taking good care of themselves, and choose cosmetic procedures when a healthy lifestyle on its own isn’t enough to achieve the look they want. Although there are many cosmetic procedures that can help you look slimmer and more toned, they’re just not a substitute for living a healthy lifestyle.

For Best Results

Some people think that plastic surgery will help them lose weight. While cosmetic procedures will certainly improve your appearance and many may leave you a few pounds lighter, they’re not going to have the same impact on your body as eating right and staying active. In fact, the best candidates for surgery are those who are already at their target weight and in good shape both physically and mentally. Many procedures simply aren’t appropriate for those who are overweight, either in terms of patient risk or in terms of end results.

If you think of your ideal appearance as an end goal, cosmetic procedures are only a portion of that. Without the benefit of a healthy lifestyle already in place, you run the risk of undoing all the work of your cosmetic surgery, particularly for body sculpting procedures like liposuction. As I tell my patients, liposuction and other cosmetic procedures aren’t alternatives to losing weight; they’re just the finishing touch.

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