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Top 5 “Think Again” Cosmetic Surgeries

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Cosmetic surgery crazes in New York City pop up early and often.  From the designer pinky toe to dimple creation, you can hear about it in Manhattan, and you can probably find someone who will do it for you.  For some unusual procedures, though, the question is—should you?

Do we field requests for non-mainstream procedures?  Yes.  Do we advise patients to think carefully before committing to some of the more “out there” forms of   opens in a new windowcosmetic surgery?  Yes.  Do we refuse certain requests from patients?  Yes again.

Here are five occasions when we would advise patients to “think again” about a cosmetic procedure:

1)      Fad-driven surgery: Most of us enjoy trying new fashion styles, and we change the colors and furnishings in our homes to stay in step with the times.  But when you change your body, it can be difficult or impossible to change it back.  Those large derrieres that are so popular today will inevitably fall out of favor eventually.  Do you really want to re-visit a plastic surgeon to get fat or implants removed from your rear down the road?

2)      Creating a look that invites stares: At a certain age, many people enjoy modifying their look to express individuality.  Unusual clothing, piercings and even tattoos are fairly normal these days—more extreme moves, like elf ears, well, not so much.  Trust us, if you have a cosmetic surgeon create elf ears or perform another bizarre body modification procedure, you will regret it at some point.

3)      Device-driven surgery: According to the Internet, today people choose cosmetic surgery to look better in selfies, Skype or Face Time.  Devices are notorious for distorting images, and in our view, most people understand that your on-screen appearance is not really representative.  The way you look in person and to yourself is still most important.

4)      Imitating someone else: Whether you’re considering plastic surgery because a friend did it or because you want to look like a celebrity, please think twice.  You are a unique individual and cosmetic procedures can only refine your own look.  Arrange a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon and be sure to discuss what it means to have realistic expectations.

5)      Choosing huge breast implants: women with larger frames can opt for larger implants and still achieve a good result; that almost goes without saying.  But there’s a point at which breast implants are simply too large.  One reason not to do it is that you will look freakish (see point #2).  The best reason to think again about creating huge breasts, however, is that your body will not be able to cope.  The implants will sag, your skin will stretch, and it’s very likely you will have back, neck and shoulder pain.   There’s a good reason thousands of women seek breast reduction surgery annually—don’t become one of them.

It’s a good bet you can find someone who will agree to just about any form of cosmetic surgery in New York City you can dream up.  But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  Before you decide to go under the knife for a non-mainstream procedure, talk to friends and loved ones, do lots of research and think hard about the future as well as the present.  Then, think again.

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