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Injectable Fillers

Things You Should Know Before Getting a Lip Filler Treatment

A growing celebrity culture for having thick lips is making lip fillers one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that can be offered. Having full and plump lips is now the way to go but although it’s not a permanent treatment compared to others out there, there are still questions that you should ask yourself before you decide to get lip fillers. Understanding the in’s and out’s of the treatment will help to better inform your decision.

Lips Fillers: What Are They?

Essentially, lip fillers are hyaluronic acid and collagen combined together to be inserted into the lips. They are inserted into the lips through a needle and both have different purposes. The collagen is used to plump the lips up, whilst the hyaluronic acid helps to define the lips and provides them with extra volume. The effects of both can last up to about 6 months, which means a patient is required to return during this period to continue the treatment.

How Much Is Required?

This is totally dependent on the patient’s lip size and how full they wish to have their lips. The procedure isn’t an overnight process and the results of it can take time. Therefore, a few sessions are required unless you’re only looking for minimal results. This will then affect the price for how much you spend on the surgery.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For Getting Lip Surgery?

In order to determine this, you’d need to consult with your doctor. Sometimes, different practices have alternative ways of conducting the procedure so this conversation should provide more clarity. If you’re on any prescribed medication this can affect the overall results too, so it would be good to declare this when you have the discussion. If you’re looking to get the lip fillers done for a particular event, it’s recommended that it’s performed well in advance as swelling and bruising can occur.

What If It Goes Wrong?

Lip fillers are a pretty straightforward and simple procedure so it’s rare for them to go wrong. This is why heavy research should go into finding the right doctor. Collagen fillers can occasionally cause an allergic reaction, but again, this is rare for patients. If a mistake was to occur or you decide that the results aren’t what you wanted, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can be used to reverse the fillers.

Does It Hurt?

Again, it’s worth having the conversation with the doctor who’s performing the surgery. There are several numbing treatments that can be offered to help reduce the pain. The most common ones include a numbing gel or dental block but even if you choose not to have anesthetic the treatment will feel more uncomfortable rather than painful. As previously mentioned, there’s likely to be numbing and swelling shortly after the procedure too so try to avoid the sun and hot drinks.

Whatever the cosmetic procedure, you should always ask yourself important questions before going through with it. Finding out answers to the questions will help you to better understand whether it’s worth going through with. Just make sure you find the right surgeon to perform it.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Filler Treatment
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Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Filler Treatment
Lip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available. Here, we outline important questions to ask before receiving a lip filler treatment.
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