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Cosmetic Surgery

Stop Judging People Who Have Had Cosmetic Surgery

So many celebrities have done it and they are proudly talking about it. There is no reason for shaming anyone because of their looks, regardless of whether they had aesthetic surgery or not!

Why do we judge people who have gone under the knife to overcome their insecurities? Advocates of natural beauty are criticizing cosmetic surgery saying that we should be proud of our looks and age gracefully. Meanwhile, feminists are saying that it is humiliating and that we should abandon male-imposed ideals of a female body.

Others will just tell you we live in a selfie-obsessed world and stupidly want to look ageless and flawless even though it is impossible. But doing a procedure such as Botox, a breast augmentation, liposuction, lip enhancement or a nose job often has nothing to do with age, gender or even vanity.

It is something that makes us feel better and potentially leads to improving all aspects of our lives. And ultimately, it is something WE decide for ourselves, so it shouldn’t concern anybody else!

The Benefits of Cosmetic Surgeries

As long as the procedure is safe and as long as you are not harming yourself, there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. In fact, it has several benefits! One of the most important advantages is increased self-confidence. A plastic surgery that improves your appearance can help you feel good about yourself.

Whether you’ve done it to lose weight and fit into your favorite pair of jeans, plump your lips to look more seductive or fill in your wrinkles to appear younger, you will stop doubting yourself and start embracing new opportunities in your life.

Boosted self-confidence can have a positive effect on your mental health. For example, you will be able to cope with social anxiety or depression, embrace new challenges and generally have a happier life. Not to mention that some procedures can improve your physical health too! Remember that rhinoplasty (a “nose job”) can improve your breathing, removing extra weight, or a breast reduction can help reduce pain in the neck or back and getting rid of the extra weight will improve your overall health.

If a Doctor Said ‘Yes,’ It Is OK

Each surgery should be approved by a doctor. If a patient comes in with an unreasonable request and asks for a surgery that is either hazardous or totally unnecessary, they are likely to be rejected.

Every surgeon will tell you they have rejected many potential clients just because they thought it would be unethical to do what has been asked. And if a certain procedure has this stamp of approval, it makes even less sense to be judgemental about it. It is important to choose the right clinic though!

In my experience, at Auralia, you will get honest and ethical medical advice which will help you decide whether you really want a procedure or not. Their medical staff constantly research global developments and offer the most up-to-date treatments. They have the time and the expertise to explain procedures in detail and answer all of your questions.

It Has Something to Do with Our Privacy?

While some people like to talk about their cosmetic surgery and even brag about their enhanced lips, tucked tummy or their fabulous new nose, others are trying to keep it a secret for as long as they live. And regardless of whether they admitted their ‘guilt’ or not, judging them because of their looks is just unjustified meddling into their life. Whether somebody has had cosmetic surgery or not is their private matter and nobody should shame them for it!

After all, there are many celebrities who have admitted they had plastic surgeries including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Lisa Kudrow, Jane Fonda, Courtney Love, Linda Evangelista, Kaley Cuoco and Chrissy Teigen. Are you judging them too, or just the “regular” women who have done it?

Stop Judging People Who Have Had Cosmetic Surgery
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Stop Judging People Who Have Had Cosmetic Surgery
So many celebrities have done it and they are proudly talking about it. There is absolutely no reason for shaming anyone because of their looks."
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