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Staying Home? It’s a Good Time to Plan & Recover from Plastic Surgery

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Getting plastic surgery during coronavirus might, on the surface, seem like an odd choice. However, many people are taking advantage of extended time at home to plan and recover from elective procedures, including cosmetic ones. Once you give it some thought, you might count yourself among them.

COVID and Cosmetic Procedures

Many memes about quarantine play on the idea that no one cares about their appearance anymore. It’s sweats all day, no makeup and even no pants. But it isn’t true that people stayed home and stopped thinking about their looks. For many, isolation has led to many giving their aesthetic more thought.

And this makes sense. On a typical day in the office, you pass by a mirror in the bathroom, usually distracted by chats with coworkers or the need to get back to your desk. At home, you get more chances to look at your reflection, and more time to stand there and think about it.

With meetings going virtual, lots of people spend their days with their image hovering in the corner of the screen, making them hyperaware of how they appear and what they’d like to change.

For many, Zoom meetings and family FaceTime have made them hyperaware of their looks.

At the same time that many are considering their looks more than ever before, they are also given the most ideal setup for recovery from surgery that most of us will ever have. Already staying home makes it easier to take off from and manage work, and those who live with a partner have their recovery assistant home with them — no need to use vacation days. And social distancing means less stress to socialize while healing, and potentially a reduced risk of post-surgical injury and infection.

Planning Your Procedures and Recovery

Take the time you no longer spend on your commute and start researching the procedures that might interest you. If your stomach no longer looks as good as it once did, maybe a tummy tuck is for you. You could also boost your breasts with augmentation or target stubborn fat with lipo.

If you want, you can combine all three with a mommy makeover. Once you settle on the procedures that interest you, you can schedule consultations with plastic surgeons online and talk to them about the steps they take to make surgery safe during coronavirus.

From there, you can start planning the recovery period. While the specifics will depend on the procedures you get done, these plastic surgery recovery tips should prove useful:

  • Be careful to follow all instructions for keeping your surgical sites clean
  • Wear compression garments as instructed, and wash them regularly
  • Drink plenty of water every day
  • Get moving, but take it easy — just short walks in the house will do
  • Ask that anyone helping with recovery take proper COVID prevention steps for 2 weeks before surgery
  • Arrange for help with children and pets in advance
  • Take time off work even if you are working from home
  • Set up your primary recovery space, so everything you need is there and within easy reach
  • Stay indoors and out of the sun

If you have considered getting plastic surgery, now could be your time. Start your research and meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.


Staying Home? It’s a Good Time to Plan & Recover from Plastic Surgery
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Staying Home? It’s a Good Time to Plan & Recover from Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery during coronavirus? Dr. Francesco Campanile of Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver, CO explains why it might be the ideal time.
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