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Liposuction Recovery: Tips for Faster Healing

166695915Liposuction is an excellent method to remove even small pockets of excess fat from different parts of the body, including arms, buttocks, breast, hips, and abdomen. But regardless of how large or small your procedure is, every patient wants a quick, comfortable recovery and the best results possible. Your results will depend on your surgeon, but there are plenty of things you can do on your own to help support the healing process and make sure you are enjoying a faster, healthier recovery:

  • Don’t apply heat, ice packs, or disinfectants to the surgery site too soon, or in ways your surgeon did not specifically recommend. Heat and cold affect tissues significantly, and they are appropriate for some healing situations (sore muscles, of course). But at the wrong point in your healing process, extreme temperatures can create significant, damaging stress to the site, even if (as in liposuction) the incisions are small. And certain soaps and cleansers can irritate the incision site too soon, undoing the healing you have already accomplished.
  • Keep the surgery site clean and change bandages at regular intervals.
  • Avoid application of hydrogen peroxide or any cleansing liquid, which may cause infection.
  • Hydrate right: Water and some juices are good choices, while alcoholic drinks are not. These need to be avoided before and right immediately before and after a liposuction procedure
  • Avoid exposure of the operated site to water, as the moisture could poses a serious risk of infection.
  • Use the appropriate postsurgical compression garments, sized appropriately and vetted by your doctor beforehand
  • Wear light cotton garments or fabrics that are comfortable on your skin, and don’t add to the constriction of your compression garments
  • Wait to exercise. This can be one of the most difficult aspects of surgery for many of my patients, but it’s important not to create extra strain on your tissues during the healing process. Most doctors recommend waiting to resume exercises or workouts after a gap of a minimum of a few weeks to a month, depending on your procedure
  • Take painkillers per your surgeon’s prescription. You can expect your experience during healing to fluctuate as your body adjusts to your new shape, so consistency is important. Resume, adjust, or discontinue your medication only on the recommendation of the doctor

Most liposuction procedures are less invasive than many other cosmetic surgical procedures and involve a fairly short recovery time, but you can expect some level of discomfort for a few weeks as your results heal. Typically, patients can resume work in a matter of 1 week, but many choose to take a longer timeframe to make sure that work stress doesn’t slow their healing and compromise their results. The quality of your surgeon and the care you take to ease your own healing process after surgery have a direct impact on the pace of recovery.

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