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Is Your Diet Aging You Faster?

Diet Aging

Although most people realize that staying too long in the sun or smoking will lead to premature signs of aging, particularly in the face, very few take into account whether their diets may be contributing too. Eating the right types of foods and avoiding the wrong ones can have a big impact on how your body ages. It’s not just about appearances, though. When a nutrient rich diet is combined with bioidentical hormone treatment in San Diego, men and women may be surprised at how much younger they feel as well.

Foods Affect Hormones

A variety of healthy living magazines and recent news articles tout the virtues of antioxidants and the importance of other nutrients that help turn back the hands of time. Is there really that much significance to your diet, or is it just common sense that eating better will help you have more energy?

The truth is, eating poorly can impact more than your looks. Your diet and many other factors contribute heavily to the hormone production and balance within your own body that make you feel older, sluggish or fatigued.

As many San Diego anti-aging doctors will tell you, your diet is one of the things that will age you from the inside out the fastest. Sugar, dairy and red meat can all cause an estrogen increase that could upset your hormone balance. Sugar can also increase insulin levels, particularly refined sugar in sweets and baked goods.

Skipping meals is another way your hormones may become imbalanced. The endocrine system is better able to remain stable when meals come on a regular schedule, which helps your metabolism stay balanced throughout the day.

Finally, prolonged stress can increase cortisol production, which in turn wreaks havoc on the other hormones in the body. Practicing stress reduction techniques like meditation, yoga or just taking a long weekend can help reduce cortisol levels and restore balance to your endocrine system.

Incorporating the Good

Maintaining a hormone-healthy diet is about more than just avoiding the foods that are bad for you. Incorporating all the good foods that support your hormone balance is just as important as making sure you are not getting too much of the bad stuff.

Eating lots of whole, unprocessed foods helps your body avoid exposure to pesticides and toxins that could disrupt your natural hormone production. Losing weight can also help you maintain better hormone health, since excess estrogen is stored in the fat cells.

Essential fatty acids help the body balance certain hormone levels as well, and can be found in fish and shellfish, some seeds and nuts including flax, pumpkin seeds and walnuts, and also leafy green vegetables. High-quality supplements are another way you can ensure that you’re getting enough omega-3 and omega-6 into your body.

For women, phytoestrogens (mildly estrogenic plant compounds) help to even out the body’s estrogen production. Phytoestrogens can be found in cauliflower, broccoli, lentils, beans, and leafy green veggies. Phytoestrogens are recognized by the body’s estrogen receptors, which creates a balancing effect as well as preventing destabilizing xenoestrogens from attaching.

Antioxidants like garlic, green tea, berries and a variety of vegetables and nuts, help remove free radicals from the body and enhance thyroid function. Cleansing the lymph system is another function achieved with antioxidants, allowing endocrine function restoration and balance.

With the right diet and the aid of bioidentical hormone treatment, San Diego men and women can enjoy feeling a more youthful vitality, regardless of what age they are on the outside.

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