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3 Benefits of the QuickLift™ Facelift

For patients considering a traditional face lift in Detroit, I like to outline the benefits of choosing the QuickLift™ procedure  instead. QuickLift™ is the brand name for this specific procedure, but the non-branded surgery may also be referred to as an S-Lift, mini face lift or short scar face lift. Although the QuickLift™ may not be right for everyone, this surgery can be the perfect solution for patients who are hesitant to commit to the longer surgery and recovery time of a traditional face lift.

Shorter Surgery

As a benefit to the surgeon performing the procedure as well as the patient receiving the plastic surgery, the QuickLift™ takes much less time to complete compared to a traditional face lift. Many patients’ active lives simply don’t have the extra time to spend on the table, and the QuickLift™ provides a solution for this time crunch.

Minimal Risk

The shorter surgery also means reduced risk for the patient, because less anesthesia can be used. Alternatively, shorter surgeries also mean access to a wider variety of anesthesia options, including using twilight anesthesia. General anesthesia is the number one risk of any surgery, and removing this potential complication means a safer procedure.

Reduced Recovery Time

Since the QuickLift™ is less invasive compared to a traditional face lift procedure, this means a faster recovery time for patients. There is also less scarring with a QuickLift™, combined with less bruising, less swelling, and less time to wait until you see your final results.

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