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Breast Augmentation

How to Physically & Mentally Prepare Yourself for Breast Augmentation

Prepare Yourself

Today, more and more women are searching for breast augmentation surgery. The majority of the patients choose this surgery to achieve their desired breast size and shape. So, we can say that most women opt to undergo breast augmentation to improve their appearance.

However, it’s also important to understand that breast augmentation does assist women looking for reconstructive surgery. Most women who’ve lost either one or both of their breasts because of breast cancer will need to undergo the surgery to restore their breasts.

But, regardless of the reason why you’ve agreed to go ahead with the procedure, there are a lot of mixed emotions that you might feel. Therefore, it’s important not to let your anxiety get in your way. Besides, you will also need to be physically fit if you want to recover quickly and resume your normal activities. Below are different ways shared by Peoria breast augmentation cosmetic surgeons in which you can prepare yourself both physically and mentally before your breast augmentation surgery.

Know If You’re a Good Candidate

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is an invasive surgical procedure. Thus, you should understand that complications can arise if you don’t have a better understanding of the surgery.

This shows the importance of doing self-assessment, as well as undergoing medical tests before the procedure. The following are a few tips to assist you in doing a personal assessment:

  • You must be in good health
  • You must be over 18 years old if you want saline implants, or 22 years old if you want silicone implants
  • You must not be overweight or underweight
  • Set realistic goals
  • Have a full understanding of the surgery

Hold Your Horses

Yes, you might be confident after the first consultation. However, you might realize that you are getting nervous, and questioning your decision a few days to the surgery. This is normal with any form of surgery. As these uncertainties start to surface, you should focus on your goals and why you’ve decided to go ahead with the procedure. Think about the positive results, and how you stand to benefit from the surgery.

Channel Your Emotions

Preparing mentally for your breast augmentation surgery is vital. Therefore, you need to find somewhere to channel any worries, anxieties, or fear, and promote positive emotions that are in line with your final goal. Mostly, women tend to find peace and clarity of mind when doing the following activities:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Journaling

Find a Support System

Although it might be very uncomfortable, it can be very beneficial to open up to someone close to you. This might seem unnecessary, but you’ll be surprised to realize how a support system can assist you. At the end of the day, you’ll be relaxed since you know that there’s someone who’s got your back.

Create a network of family and friend who will be there for you, regardless of the situation. It can be very encouraging to share this with a friend or family who has undergone the same procedure. At least you will have insights into what to expect from the start to the end of the procedure.

Embrace Positivity and Disregard Negativity

As you already know, breast augmentation will change your physical appearance. This is something to be aware of whenever you resume your normal daily life. Whether you like it or not, people will always notice your new look—and you will not stop them from voicing their opinion or asking questions about the surgery or your appearance.

Some people will compliment your new appearance, and will not give any negative or bad comments about how you look. However, there’s a possibility that you will run into some insulting and troublesome people. These people will make all sorts of comments, which will possibly make you feel bad.

However, you must make sure that you are mentally ready when meeting these people if you don’t want their comments to get under your skin. First, you need to understand that these people do exist, and prepare yourself to get negative comments. With this, you’ll not be caught flat-footed. Moreover, you should teach yourself to ignore negative comments when you hear them.

At the end of the day, you opted for breast augmentation to improve your appearance, and boost your self-esteem—not to impress anyone else. So, don’t let anyone’s comments make you lose focus on your ultimate goal.

Listen to Music

Music has magical therapeutic power. A recent study revealed that patents who listen to music prior to, during, and post-surgery have less anxiety. Besides, these patients realize that they didn’t need to rely on pain medication after the surgery. So, listening to music can help in soothing your nerves and pain when undergoing breast augmentation.

Prepare Yourself Physically

Being in good physical health is essential before undergoing breast augmentation. This will ensure that you recover faster after your surgery. Always strive to remain physically fit by observing a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy, exercising, and getting good sleep.

Being in good health before your surgery will assist your body to heal faster. Your surgeon should give you a list of foods and medications that you should avoid before your surgery. Make sure that you follow these guidelines without fail if you want your surgery to be successful. Unless instructed otherwise, eat high protein, and low-fat meals.

Moreover, try to avoid dairy products before your surgery. This will give your body the energy it requires to recover. Smokers should stop smoking, or using any nicotine related products for at least a month before their surgery. Therefore, you should avoid things like marijuana, nicotine patches, and vaping.

Lastly, you need to stop drinking alcohol or taking alcohol-related products for at least two weeks before your breast augmentation surgery. It’s important to note that alcohol is a blood thinner, which increases the risks of complications during your surgery. Taking alcohol before your surgery can make your recovery process much harder.

If possible, make sure that you take fruits with vitamin C before your surgery to boost your healing process. Moreover, ensure that you take lots of fluids, preferably water to keep your body hydrated. Lastly, if your surgeon gives you a list of prescriptions, ensure that you have them ready at least a day before your surgery.

The Bottom Line

Preparing for breast augmentation is exciting, as well as stressful. This is a big decision in your life, which is bound to change your appearance and enhance your confidence. It’s easy to get overwhelmed before the big day. This shows the importance of staying updated and preparing yourself both physically and mentally. Moreover, you need to look for someone who will give you the emotional support that you need. Making such preparations will make sure that you have a successful surgery, and anticipate positive results after the surgery. So, if you have any doubts or questions about the procedure, ensure that your surgeon clears them before undergoing the procedure.

How to Physically & Mentally Prepare Yourself for Breast Augmentation
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How to Physically & Mentally Prepare Yourself for Breast Augmentation
Read on for some different strategies on how you can prepare yourself both physically and mentally before your breast augmentation surgery.
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