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Mommy Makeover Non-Surgical

How to Get the Most Out of a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover

non-surgical mommy makeover

You’ve probably heard of the mommy makeover — a combination of plastic surgeries that many women choose to get after having children. But if you’re not interested in getting surgery, a nonsurgical mommy makeover could be the perfect solution.

As the name suggests, a nonsurgical mommy makeover is made up of various nonsurgical treatments aimed at helping you look and feel more like yourself again after going through the many changes of pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re thinking about treating yourself to one, keep these four tips in mind to get the most of your treatments.

  1. Pick a Qualified Provider

    Even though a nonsurgical mommy makeover doesn’t involve surgery, you still need to make sure you’re working with a trained and experienced provider. In the hands of an unskilled provider, even minimally invasive treatments can go wrong, so do a little research before choosing a practice. You might even want to schedule a visit before booking your treatment, just to make sure the office is clean, organized and that you feel comfortable there.

    It’s also worth noting that if you’re more comfortable working with a female provider, make that a part of your search criteria. It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident discussing your needs with your aesthetician, which is why lots of women choose a female provider for their nonsurgical mommy makeover.

  2. Understand Your Options

    The beauty of any type of mommy makeover is that you can pick and choose which procedures are right for your specific needs. Take some time to discuss your options with your plastic surgeon during your consultation to help you decide.

    Some of the most popular treatments to include are CoolSculpting®, Viveve®, Profound® RF cellulite reduction, injectables and laser skin treatments. However, that is by no means an exhaustive list—work with your provider to hand-select the best combination of treatments to include in your minimally invasive mommy makeover.

    Viveve is a nonsurgical feminine rejuvenation treatment that only takes about 30 minutes and can improve your love life and self-confidence.

  3. Keep Your Follow-up Appointments

    Some nonsurgical treatments may require multiple sessions in order to see the best results, so make sure you stick to the schedule that you and your provider discussed during your consultation.

    For example, most people see optimal results after 2 to 6 double chin treatments with Kybella™, or after around 2 to 4 double chin treatments with CoolSculpting. If you miss your follow-up appointments, you won’t get the most out of the treatment.

  4. Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

    To keep your same amazing results for years to come, eat a healthy, balanced diet, get regular exercise and take great care of your skin. CoolSculpting, for example, can deliver excellent nonsurgical body contouring results, but that doesn’t mean you can ditch your gym membership. Sticking to your same great eating and exercise habits after getting CoolSculpting will help you to maintain your beautiful results.

    Similarly, if you’ve included skin treatments like laser skin resurfacing or Profound RF skin tightening in your noninvasive mommy makeover, taking care of your skin afterward will help your skin to stay looking youthful and rejuvenated. Try to avoid prolonged sun exposure when you can, and always wear sunscreen. You can also talk to your provider about professional skin care products to include in your daily skin care regimen to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

How to Get the Most Out of a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover
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How to Get the Most Out of a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover
Thinking about getting a non surgical mommy makeover? The team at SpaVie in Plymouth, Minnesota shares some tips for getting the best results.
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