How Lipo Boosts Your Figure without a Butt Lift or Breast Surgery

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Everyone knows that liposuction removes fat and leaves you with a trimmer figure. But is that all it does? According to many cosmetic surgeons and clients, lipo can also enhance your butt, and in some cases, your boobs look bigger after lipo. Are these statements grounded in reality or an exaggeration of lipo benefits?

Understanding Liposuction

Liposuction is a form of body contouring. More than mere fat removal, it focuses on improving the lines and curves of the body.

A common misconception about liposuction is that it is strictly about removing fat. While this is, of course, central to the procedure, it is not the singular goal. A quality cosmetic surgeon focuses on the contours of the body as they remove fat cells. This means using extreme precision when deciding what fat to remove and what to leave behind.

Fat is essential to the human body, both in terms of fuel and appearance. It requires a keen understanding of the human body to remove fat while ensuring smooth transitions between the areas you want to be trimmed and those you want to keep looking fuller.

How This Enhances the Butt

If you are curious about how butt enhancement can be among the benefits of lipo, understand that it all comes down which areas are targeted and how. With liposuction, the fat rolls on the flanks are targeted, making the waist and hips slimmer.

Cosmetic surgeons can also remove some fat from the upper-outer buttocks and outer thighs. By slimming the waist and hips, the curvature of the buttocks becomes more pronounced without actually augmenting it in any manner.

The end result is a butt that appears rounder and more feminine. And if you think you might want to boost your butt even more later on, you could consider banking the fat that is removed.

How This Enhances the Breasts

There are two ways in which liposuction tends to boost the breasts, assuming it is done on the abdomen. First, when fat in the abdomen is eliminated, the breasts will automatically project further from the abdominal wall, giving them the appearance of being larger without the need for implants. If liposuction is also used for slimming the bra line, this will amplify the effect.

Second, when fat cells are removed, the body will sometimes attempt to amplify stores elsewhere in the body. For women, one of the most common spots to get that natural boost is the chest. As a result, liposuction can give the breasts a noticeable but not excessive boost.

What This Means for You

It is important to note that these benefits aren’t guaranteed. For a boosted bottom, you must ensure that you are working with a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Look at their before and after liposuction photos and focus on how they managed the transition between areas where fat was removed and spots where it was left alone. Ask them what they will do to ensure that the areas you want to keep fuller or see boosted look their best post-surgery.

As for the breast benefits, the cosmetic surgeon will have some control over amplifying their appearance as it relates to fat removal. However, they will not be able to control whether or not your body boosts the fat cells in your breasts. If larger breasts are important to you, consider adding a breast augmentation to your liposuction procedure.

How Lipo Boosts Your Figure without a Butt Lift or Breast Surgery
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How Lipo Boosts Your Figure without a Butt Lift or Breast Surgery
Dr. Joseph Castellano of Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa, FL looks at how lipo can boost your butt and boobs without additional procedures.
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