Should You Bank Your Fat after Liposuction?

LiposuctionThe medical world has devised innovative ways to store all manner of things. We save sperm in sperm banks and can freeze eggs for use at a later date, so why not take the same approach to the fat that’s removed during liposuction?

Fat banking is the process of freezing liposuction fat and storing it for future use. The idea is that men and women who undergo liposuction would be able to use this fat in a fat transfer procedure at some point down the road.

Why Transfer Fat?

Fat transfer, or fat grafting, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is surging in popularity, thanks in part to the widespread demand for Brazilian butt lifts. Cosmetic surgeons can take fat, via traditional liposuction technique, from an area of the body where stubborn pockets of fat linger, and inject this fat into the buttocks, face or lips.

Common Areas for Fat Transfer

When fat is transferred into the buttocks, the result is a shapelier rear that can help create the much-desired hourglass figure. This is the basic process behind a Brazilian butt lift. Fat transfer can also be used to restore volume to the face, which can become hollowed out with age. When a cosmetic surgeon injects your face with your own treated fat, the result is a rejuvenated appearance that lasts far longer than dermal fillers do. Fat transfer can also be used to plump the lips for an enhanced appearance.

Two Birds, One Stone

Part of the utility of fat transfer is that it actually combines two procedures in one. So whether you’re banking your fat for a later date or doing it all at once, you’re benefitting from both a liposuction procedure as well as a fat grafting procedure.


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