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Body Contouring CoolSculpting®

How CoolSculpting® Is So Not a One-Size-Fits-All Thing

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It’s a common misconception that everyone who considers body contouring wants to look exactly the same, with the same size waist and thighs and arms, wearing the same bikini, wandering the same beaches and posting the same social media photos. But that’s not what CoolSculpting® is about. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, CoolSculpting is all about the individual. That’s the beauty of it. It’s not some one-size-fits-all solution to achieve a universal standard body. It’s a way to help you achieve your specific goals and feel your most comfortable and confident. How effective is CoolSculpting at helping you feel great and completely yourself? Very.

It’s Totally Personalized

CoolSculpting is entirely and totally personalized to your body and your goals. No to bodies are alike, and therefore no two CoolSculpting sessions are going to be exactly the same. During your initial CoolSculpting consultation, you’ll be able to discuss in detail your goals, your treatment plan and what results you can expect from your sessions. If you love your thick thighs but would like a little less to love around the middle, you can tailor your CoolSculpting to tone your tummy without touching your hips and butt.

You Don’t Have to Lose Your Curves

CoolSculpting is a contouring process that lets you keep your curves.

This personalized approach means you don’t have to worry about losing curves in all the right places. In fact, the right CoolSculpting plan can help accentuate your favorite body parts by contouring specific areas. It’s easy to confuse CoolSculpting with weight loss, because you are, in essence, losing fat. But it’s not an all over reduction.

It’s Precise and Controlled

CoolSculpting uses precise cryolipolysis technology to target stubborn pockets of fat without disturbing surrounding tissue. An applicator that fits the size and shape of the area you wish to target will be applied to the area, and that excess fat is sucked into the applicator. Anything not vacuumed into the CoolSculpting applicator will be unaffected by the process. This helps to target only the fat cells you don’t want and allows you to sculpt your new figure more precisely.

You’ve Got Options

One of the best parts of CoolSculpting is all of the options it affords you. There are a number of different applicators that can be used to benefit specific areas of the body. CoolSculpting is not just for your midsection, after all. It can be used to treat love handles, your upper abdomen, your lower abdomen, a double chin, your upper arms, inner and outer thighs, the waist, the back and that seemingly impossible area right below the buttocks. CoolSculpting is effective at contouring your body because of all of the possible combinations of target areas. It’s designed to help you achieve the look that’s right for you. Not anybody else.

It Actually Works

The best part about CoolSculpting is that it actually works. The cryolipolysis technology crystalizes fat cells at freezing temperatures. These cells die and are naturally processed by the body over the following weeks and months. It’s an in-office procedure that, depending on the part of the body you’re targeting, can last anywhere from 35 minutes to two hours. You’ll be awake, reclined and most people experience little or no discomfort. How effective is CoolSculpting? Schedule a consultation and learn more about the personalized treatment approach for yourself. No cookie cutter contouring here. The results are all you.

How CoolSculpting® Is So Not a One-Size-Fits-All Thing
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How CoolSculpting® Is So Not a One-Size-Fits-All Thing
How effective is CoolSculpting? Your results are not one-size-fits-all. Dr. Martin E. Everhard of Savannah, GA describes the personal process of CoolSculpting.
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