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The Best Man – Four Treatments to Prepare Men for Their Big Event

Best Man

Do you have a wedding, high-school reunion, or other major event coming up?

If so, you never know who you’ll meet or what old flames might be rekindled. Ultimately, events like these are times to upgrade your look, ensuring you’re ready for whatever opportunities might come your way.

As a man, you may be completely clueless about where to go to make lasting improvements to the way you look. But laser treatments, skin abrasion, and others can be just the thing to take years off your age and maximize your appearance. Consider these four options when you have a reason to invest in yourself and upgrade your look.

Laser Hair Removal

Men get unwanted hair in all kinds of places, many of which you might not ever deal with yourself. Even if you don’t notice these unexpected hairs, the women in your life probably do, so it benefits you to do something about it. Laser hair removal provides the means to remove this hair wherever it may be.

Common Places to Get Laser Hair Removal

Every man is different and will have completely unique needs when it comes to the location and amount of their hair. While some men can barely grow a beard, others are completely covered in hair from their head to their toes. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, these are the areas in which most men focus their laser hair removal:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Armpits

Improve Your Look By Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Let’s face it– even if you’re not bothered by your excess hair, most women will be turned off by it. If you know your chest, back, and other areas grow wildly out of control, this is the treatment for you. Simply find a place in your area, do the appointment, and show up so you can leave looking clean, fresh, and presentable.

Microneedling or Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is an excellent treatment for men for a variety of reasons. Men who have acne scars and a lot of texture on their face can benefit greatly from this process. Furthermore, men who feel like they look older than their age may love the results they see after a microdermabrasion treatment. With numerous advantages, this is an option that will leave your face looking and feeling smoother than ever before.

Delve Deeper Into Your Skin With Microneedling

While lasers and microdermabrasion are extensive skin treatments in their own right, microneedling penetrates even deeper into your skin. Best known as an effective anti-aging treatment, microneedling is aptly named, as it creates hundreds of tiny punctures in your skin to bring about the healing process. As these wounds are filled with collagen, their elasticity will improve, causing your skin to look smoother and younger in the treated areas.

The Collagen Advantage

Naturally produced by the body when we’re young, collagen production stops when we’re in our 20’s. Collagen is important for your appearance because it gives skin its elasticity, helping it to stay tight and smooth rather than loose and saggy. Luckily, you can get collagen from supplements as well, but treatments like microdermabrasion ensure that your skin produces collagen in the exact spots where you need it most.

Professional Teeth Whitening

A study of women in Europe concluded that 71% of women consider a nice smile as the most attractive trait in a man. Since it’s undeniably one of your most powerful assets, isn’t it worth it to show the world the whitest smile possible?

The Difference Professional Whitening Can Make

Although over the counter whitening products have become an 11 billion dollar industry, they lack the power of the kind you can get at your dental office. Companies like Zoom!, KOR, and GLO provide innovative whitening gels that, when combined with a high-intensity laser, can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades brighter in a single session.

Plan Your Session a Few Weeks in Advance

Rushing is never fun, especially if you have travel plans or other concerns leading up to your big event. Dentists are busy too and often put in long days with a completely booked schedule. When you find a cosmetic dentist who provides the treatment, like Dr. Jon Flint from North Meridian, MS, simply call and set up an appointment in advance. The treatment should only take about an hour, allowing time to accomplish the other items on your list.

Classic Shave and Haircut from a Barber Shop

While beauty salons cater to both men and women, barber shops are notoriously just for men, and for good reason. Barbers are experts in the hairstyles and treatments that men want, and it’s important to know that not all barbershops are created equally. Although a lot of local barbers emphasize thrift, offering haircuts for just $10-15, others provide more of a barber spa experience, including:

Never Underestimate a Professional Cut and Shave

Whether you have an upper-scale, luxury barber shop in your area or not, the difference a professional shave can make is huge. As men, our personal shaving ability varies greatly, from best as we can get with a disposable or electric razor to “Oh well, I got about 80% of my face I think.” As you might imagine, the shave job of a pro with experience who can view your face from another perspective will be significantly better than what we’re likely to do at home.

The same is true for a high-quality haircut. Even if you’re satisfied with your current hairstyle, a haircut from a barber who knows what they’re doing is a phenomenal way to freshen up your look and ensure that no hair is out of place.

Maintenance Cut or Brand New Look?

Depending on the length of your hair, it’s recommended that men get a haircut every 1-3 months just to maintain a clean look. If this type of cut leaves you looking your absolute best, then your trip to the barber is pretty straight-forward. However, if you feel like there’s something missing in your standard look, consider changing the style, length, or even the color of your hair. This is a sure way to set yourself apart when you want to maximize your look.

It’s Not Hard to Upgrade Your Look as a Man

While beauty treatments are generally more geared toward women than men, plenty of them are viable for men as well. Taking advantage of these services is just a matter of choosing one, booking the appointment, and then showing up and relaxing as you take in the experience. When it comes to looking your best for an event, these extra steps are what separates you, from the multitudes of average men out there.

The Best Man - Four Treatments to Prepare Men for Their Big Event
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The Best Man - Four Treatments to Prepare Men for Their Big Event
Men have events like weddings, graduations, and career milestones that they want to look their absolute best for. These beauty treatments can help a lot.
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