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How Big Is Too Big for Breast Implants?

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Some women want breast augmentation that will just slightly enhance the appearance of their chest, while others say go big or go home. Is there such a thing as breast implants that are too big?

While it may be tempting to go all-out when selecting your breast size, bigger breasts aren’t for everyone. Breast reduction surgery to reduce naturally large breasts is common, and large breasts can create noticeable (and painful) issues in women who aren’t prepared for them. Women with naturally large breasts generally have years of experience figuring out the tips and tricks to prevent back pain and discomfort, but women who receive large implants are coming late to the game.

Large Implant Side Effects

Large breast implants can be great for adding more volume, but the increased weight of the implant may come at a cost. Excessively large breast implants create more weight in the breast pocket, exacerbating the forces of gravity and potentially causing premature breast sagging.

Additionally, the weight from huge implants can be a strain on your back muscles, causing discomfort during daily activities and may even strain your spine. And bra shopping may be even worse. A general rule of thumb is that the bigger your breasts are, the harder time you’ll have finding a bra that fits well.

A Moderate Approach

Instead of going for a very large breast size, most women will find the best breast implant results come from moderately sized implants that fit well the with proportions of their body. Smaller (relatively speaking) implants can still provide the fullness and curves that many women seek without the back pain that often accompanies large breasts. Focus less on “how big” you can go, and instead think of what size implants will best complement your natural figure.

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