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Breast Augmentation Breast Lift

How Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift Works to Boost Your Breasts

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There are lots of reasons why you might be considering a breast lift, such as volume loss due to having children, reaching a weight loss goal or the natural aging process. While a traditional breast lift can very nicely remove and tighten loose skin to create a firmer, perkier look and feel, some women are concerned about the size of their breasts following this procedure.

If you’re looking to get the benefits of a breast lift without sacrificing a small amount of lost breast tissue, an auto-augmentation breast lift might be for you. To help you decide if this procedure is the best solution for your unique situation, take a look at the answers to these commonly asked questions.

What Is an Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift?

During a traditional breast lift, excess skin is removed in order to reposition your breasts higher on your chest wall, resulting in a firmer, more youthful look and feel. However, this can sometimes cause a slight reduction in breast size, as a small amount of tissue is removed.

In an auto-augmentation breast lift, excess skin is carefully tucked inside the breast pocket in order to provide a slight volume boost, resulting in the same benefits as a regular breast lift, but without the worry that your breasts may end up looking slightly smaller.

Is Auto-Augmentation Right for Me?

An auto-augmentation breast lift is a suitable solution for women who would like to achieve a lifted breast position and a firmer, perkier end result without decreasing the overall size of their breasts.

While there are many benefits to going with an auto-augmentation breast lift vs. a traditional breast lift, this procedure isn’t right for everyone. For example, women who would like a significant boost in volume would be better off combining a regular breast lift with breast implants. On the other hand, women who want to slightly decrease the size of their breasts or who want to improve asymmetry may see the best results from a traditional breast lift procedure.

What to Expect after Auto-Augmentation

Follow your plastic surgeon’s recovery guidelines closely to maximize your healing process and breast lift results.

Recovery after an auto-augmentation breast lift is very similar to that of a regular breast lift. Your plastic surgeon may recommend that you wear a special surgical bra during your initial recovery period. After auto-augmentation, many women are able to return to work within 1 to 2 weeks, with results continuing to develop over the coming months.

While you recover from any type of breast enhancement procedure, expect to experience some swelling, bruising and tenderness. These symptoms are typically mild and should gradually subside on their own in the next weeks. You will need to limit your physical activity until you get the okay from your plastic surgeon — typically strenuous exercise needs to be avoided for the first 6 weeks.

How Long Do Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift Results Last?

Following your auto-augmentation breast lift, you can expect to enjoy long-lasting results. Of course, there’s no way to stop the natural aging process and the longevity of your results will depend in part on your skin’s natural elasticity. That said, making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise can help to improve the quality of your skin and may help to prolong your results for years to come.


How Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift Works to Boost Your Breasts
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How Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift Works to Boost Your Breasts
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