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Breast Augmentation

Firm Breasts & Other Things to Expect after Breast Augmentation

woman after breast implants

Knowing what to expect after breast augmentation can make the entire recovery process much smoother and more relaxing. While you’re probably going to be eager to see your new curves, keep in mind that there are a few changes you will likely see during the healing process and before your final results reveal themselves. But don’t be alarmed. These common changes to the look and feel of your breasts are to be expected after breast augmentation.

Firm Breasts

After getting implants, many women notice that their breasts feel very firm and hardened. This is caused by swelling and is a normal part of the healing process. As your body continues to recuperate and the swelling diminishes over the next several weeks and months, you should notice your breasts starting to feel softer and more comfortable.

To help with swelling, it’s important that you wear the special compression bra that your cosmetic surgeon sent you home with. Check in with him or her before switching to a sports bra or other comfortable, non-underwire bra.

“Riding High”

At first, it might seem like your breast implants are positioned too high on your chest wall. This is referred to as “riding high” and is another very common and normal experience right after breast enhancement. As swelling goes down and your body adjusts to your new implants, you should see your breast implants settling into a more natural-looking position.

As breast implants settle into place, we call this ‘dropping and fluffing’ into a lower, softer position.

Squared Shape

Often, when your breast implants are still “riding high,” they might appear to be squared off, rather than soft and round. Again, this is usually nothing to worry about, especially during the first few days or weeks after your breast augmentation.

Give your implants about six months before assessing their final size and shape. During this time, you’ll need to communicate with your cosmetic surgeon to help you determine when you’re able to start reintroducing more strenuous activity into your regular routine. Rushing your breast augmentation recovery can hinder your body’s ability to properly heal and may interfere with your final outcome.


As you might imagine, some breast and nipple pain, sensitivity and tenderness are to be expected during the first stage of recovery from your breast enhancement procedure. As long as you’re not in excruciating pain or notice signs of infection, these side effects are normal and should diminish as you continue to heal.

While many women find that over-the-counter pain medication works well to keep them comfortable during recovery, your cosmetic surgeon may prescribe you pain medication as well. The best pain management strategies will vary from woman to woman, and this is something that you should discuss with your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation.

Gradual Results

Over the next several months, you should notice gradual changes and improvements in the way your breast implants look and feel. At about the six-month mark, many women see their final new shape, although this can vary based on your unique body and situation.

Throughout your breast augmentation recovery, it’s crucial that you give your body the rest it needs to optimally heal for best results. Even though you might be anxious to start enjoying your new look and get back to your regular daily routine, you’ll be much happier in the long run if you take it easy and patiently wait for your final, natural-looking breast augmentation results to take shape.


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