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Does Plastic Surgery Have Mental Health Benefits?

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In recent years, plastic surgery procedures have become opens in a new windowmuch more popular. It is something which is now more financially and geographically accessible than ever before, therefore appealing to a larger target market, with many procedures no longer considered to be a one-off luxury.

However, many people simply choose to have cosmetic surgery procedures because they want to feel better about a certain aspect of their bodies, either physically or mentally. For some people, the line between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is a fine one and plastic surgery may be something which helps them resolve these issues.

There are many physical health benefits which come from plastic surgery, including restoring balance, improving vision and even breathing issues. But, when someone is bothered by a specific aspect of themselves or their appearance, then this can have a huge impact on the way they feel about themselves on a daily basis, which can cause a lot of mental health issues. So, can plastic surgery and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures have mental health benefits, or are they purely for aesthetic reasons?

Why People Choose to Have Plastic Surgery

The reasons why people choose to have plastic surgery can vary greatly from person to person, but generally, it is to improve or change a certain part of their body. Some women miss certain aspects of their body before having children, while some men want to tone and tighten or lose the wrinkles that have come with middle age.

In these scenarios, the key is acknowledging what part of your body is bothering you and making a decision as to the best way of addressing it. The boost that comes from taking steps towards self-improvement is a great one, especially when it comes to self-esteem and this can make the person feel more confident and attractive.

Plastic Surgery and Links to Mental Health

opens in a new windowResearch has shown that people who have had cosmetic surgery procedure reported improvements in their mental health compared to people who have had no procedures at all. These improvements included a range of factors, such as:

  • Quality of life
  • Social or general anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Well-being

Some of these factors have a direct correlation with cosmetic surgery, but others are some surprising effects which you might not associate with having plastic surgery. But, if you feel better about your appearance and your self-esteem has seen a boost, then you will be more willing and ready to achieve your personal goals. These links may seem small to some people, but if you have been suffering from the mental impact of the way you feel about your body, then this can be a huge turnaround.

It’s important to remember that not every cosmetic surgery is for beauty or appearance enhancements. One example of this is the breast reduction procedure, which goes against the typical belief that plastic and cosmetic surgery is just about enhancing your looks. Many women choose to have breast reduction surgery for personal reasons, such as a way to combat back pain or negative feelings about their body. Essentially, this is a procedure which is not about beauty, but instead about confidence and self-esteem, which both have links to mental health.

General Wellbeing

It is important to remember that plastic surgery can have huge positive impacts on your general health, as mentioned earlier, but looking after your general wellbeing is hugely important when it comes to your perception of yourself and, if you are well and healthy, it is likely that you will recover much quicker following a plastic surgery procedure. Ensuring that you eat a healthy, balanced diet, partaking in regular exercise and are taking opens in a new windowhealth supplements and vitamins will ensure that your body is in a great condition to recover following any procedures.

Does Plastic Surgery Have Mental Health Benefits?
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Does Plastic Surgery Have Mental Health Benefits?
Can plastic surgery and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures have mental health benefits, or are they purely for aesthetic reasons? Find out at this blog post.
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