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Does Brushing Hair Help It Grow?

Brushing Hair

Have you heard of the tale that brushing your hair 100 times in a day can make it grow longer and stronger? What if there is some truth behind this tale? Could regularly brushing your hair make it grow? Let’s find out. Though there is no scientific evidence, there is a suggestion that brushing your hair can stimulate growth. That is how your hair could grow longer if you brush it regularly.

Hairbrush Massages Your Scalp

When opens in a new windowbrushing your hair with a hair straightening brush, the bristles in the brush massages your scalp. This increases blood flow in your head. Your bloodstreams feed your hair and brushing your head means more blood flow in your scalp.

Therefore, more oxygen and nutrients is delivered to your hair follicles making them healthier. This improves the ability of your hair to thrive. An increase in the blood flow in your scalp provides a suitable environment for hair growth.

Brushing Your Hair Distributes Natural Oils

Your scalp produces some naturally occurring oils. By brushing your hair, you assist in the distribution of those oils throughout your hair. These are nutrient-rich oils, and you distribute them from your hair scalp to your hair ends if you use a hairbrush. This keeps your hair hydrated, anti-frizz, and shine and sleekness. Keeping your hair hydrated prevents hair breakage and stimulates its growth.

Though there is no proven evidence to support that brushing your hair makes it grow, brushing your hair is generally good for your scalp. It helps to maintain healthy hair by distributing natural oils and giving your hair an extra shine. If brushing your hair does not help it grow, there are other ways you can keep your hair healthy and growing. They include;

Always Use a Conditioner

Hair conditioner helps your hair strands to remain healthy, strong, and hydrated. All these help your hair to grow longer. Before using a hair conditioner, you must check the quality product and then use it on your hair.

Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

Hot water is harmful to your hair. Always use cold water to rinse your hair as it prevents moisture loss, heat damage, and hair breakage. I think normal water that is always used on hair is good practice.

Change Your Pillowcase

The cotton pillowcase can be the reason your hair is not growing. They cause too much friction, dryness, tangles, and finally breakage. Choose a smoother slipperier fabric for your pillowcase to prevent hair damage. Go to bed and check the pillowcase now and see how it grows your hair.

Use Hair-Boosting Supplements

Your hair requires supplements for it to grow thicker and healthier. You can use some hair-boosting supplements like Vitamins and ions to boost the growth of your hair. Vitamins help to grow thicker hair quickly.


Brushing your hair can have enormous benefits that can help it grow. You can try out brushing and see if truly your hair will grow. With all the necessary steps you follow, then it will be an effective way to grow hair.

Does Brushing Hair Help It Grow?
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Does Brushing Hair Help It Grow?
Though there is no scientific evidence, brushing your hair may stimulate growth. That is how your hair could grow longer if you brush it regularly.
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