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Chemical Peel Aftercare: 8 Do’s and Don’ts

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Are you looking to get a chemical peel treatment to improve the skin on your face significantly? If so, your doctor will give you a post-peel aftercare regimen to help your skin heal. Because a chemical peel weakens the skin’s natural protective barrier, following a recommended chemical peel aftercare regimen is essential to realize the full benefits of this cosmetic procedure while avoiding scarring and other problems that lead to damaged skin cells. Take a look at these tips for what you should and shouldn’t do for chemical peel aftercare.

What You Should Do After a Chemical Peel

Following one of these cosmetic treatments, your skin sensitivity is heightened during the peeling process to reveal the new skin underneath. These tips will help your skin’s natural healing cycle.

1. Wear Sunscreen, Even Inside

Stay out of the sun as much as possible for up to six months. Your newly revealed skin is more susceptible to sun damage from both UVA and UVB rays, so frequently apply broad-spectrum sun protection lotion of at least SPF 30. This step is necessary to protect your skin when its barrier is in a weakened state. Use sun lotion even if you will be in the house or primarily in shade, as UV rays will enter buildings through windows and can have an indirect effect even in shade outside.

2. Change Your Skincare Regimen

Change how you take care of your peeling skin by washing it with a soap-free, mild cleanser. Use warm or cool water as hot water can damage the skin. Cool water will help calm irritation and provide relief to symptoms. Wash with a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin with soothing and calming properties that may ease itching and other discomforts. Once your skin has fully healed, you can resume your regular skincare routine.

3. Moisturize Lightly

Skin feels dry and parked after chemical peels, so use a lightweight moisturizer sparingly to reduce visible redness. Keep skin hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water each day. You can also ease dry skin by spritzing a hydrating mist onto your face instead of reapplying moisturizer. Too much moisturizer will hinder the work of the chemical peeling agent.

4. Practice Self-Care

You know your skin better than anyone, so if something doesn’t feel right in your chemical peel aftercare, stop doing it and contact your medical provider. Stop worrying about how your treated skin looks for a few days. The whole point of your skincare treatment is to help its top layers. Do something nice for yourself, and don’t think about recovery time.

What You Shouldn’t Do After a Chemical Peel

What you shouldn’t do when taking care of your skin after a chemical peel is just as crucial for good results. Here is what you should avoid.

1. Don’t Pick at Your Skin

Once your skin starts flaking, it becomes quite tempting to help it along. However, picking at the flakes may pull skin that isn’t ready to come off. Picking off dry skin before it’s ready can lead to bleeding, scarring, and extra redness, while also increasing your chance of infection. It can even lead to hyperpigmentation. Leave it alone and let your skin’s natural healing process take over.

2. Don’t Exfoliate

Even using a mild scrub or a light cleansing brush when your face becomes dry and flaky can damage skin that’s just undergone an intense chemical peel. Wait for at least a week, but having medium peels or deep chemical peels may require you to wait several weeks. Listen to your provider’s advice before resuming exfoliation.

3. Avoid Excessive Heat

Heat and sun exposure is detrimental, so in addition to wearing sunscreen, you should avoid situations where your skin will get heated. Avoid saunas, hot tubs, tanning beds, and complicated workout regimens. Heavy workouts increase blood circulation and can intensify post-peel symptoms. Excessive sweating can also clog pores, leading to irritation, blistering, and infection.

4. Avoid Makeup on Healing Skin

Wear makeup sparingly, if at all, while your skin heals. Because your skin has less protection, it will readily absorb harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants found in some makeup. Makeup can also impede how your face sheds dead skin. Wait at least seven to 10 days, possibly even longer after a deep peel, before applying cosmetics to your skin.

Above all, listen to your medical provider regarding post-chemical peel care. Contact your provider promptly if you encounter any unusual skin concerns or severe possible side effects in the first week after treatment.

Chemical Peel Aftercare: 8 Do's and Don'ts
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Chemical Peel Aftercare: 8 Do's and Don'ts
Take a look at these top tips for what you should and shouldn't do for chemical peel aftercare.
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