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Injectable Fillers

Check Your Budget & Your Expectations before Getting Fillers

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Many of us look at ourselves in the mirror and see aspects we want to change. However, not everyone has the time to recover from a surgical procedure or wants to spend time in the hospital at the moment. Fillers and other injectables are an excellent alternative for many. However, before you head to your appointment, there are facts about injectables you need to know.

1. You Should Research the Authenticity of the Product

You want to make certain your doctor or technician is an official vendor of the products they offer. While you want to trust that those offering injectables are honest, the truth is that some providers use black market products and market them as the real-deal to maximize their product.

Many manufacturers provide online tools that let you search by zip-code to see which local providers have legally obtained their product. Use this to ensure you are getting a safe liquid facelift treatment.

2. Some Deals Are Too Good to Be True

Everyone loves a deal, but be careful when it comes to cosmetic treatments.

We are quickly heading into the holiday season when there are often specials offered by clinics and spas. However, even in the season of discounts and deals, some are too good to be true. One thing to know before getting fillers is that some providers will dilute the product to increase their profit or even source the products from other countries with less oversight.

Take the time to compare prices in your area to make it easier for you to determine when the deal is more likely to be dangerous than not.

3. There Are Things to Avoid before Getting Injections

Blood-thinning medications are at the top of the list of things to avoid before getting injectables. But what you need to know before getting fillers is this list is fairly long.

Fish oil, multivitamins, green tea, cinnamon, ginger and red wine can also cause problems. Be sure to get a complete list of what to avoid and for how long at least two weeks before your treatment session.

4. Don’t Trust Providers Who Move Too Fast

Because there are many things to avoid and conditions that can make certain injectables, especially neurotoxins, unsafe, you want to avoid any provider who skips the consultation completely. Your provider needs to know your full health history and assess you in person to determine how injectables could benefit you.

5. Some Fillers Should Always Be Avoided

While there are plenty of spas that offer silicone to treat facial wrinkles, it is not FDA-approved for use as a filler. You may feel inclined to trust it because silicone is often used in plastic surgery procedures, but direct injection, especially in an area where the skin is thin, will result in the silicone hardening over time, leaving bumps and bulges.

And unlike hyaluronic-acid-based fillers, it is permanent. Don’t be taken in by providers promising cheaper treatments and life-long results from silicone. Fillers should be temporary.

Check Your Budget & Your Expectations before Getting Fillers
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Check Your Budget & Your Expectations before Getting Fillers
Are you interested in improving your look with injectables? Plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti of Concord, CA goes over what to know before getting fillers.
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