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Can Your Breast Augmentation be Customized to Your Active Lifestyle?

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Breast augmentation appeals to a lot of different women for a lot of different reasons. For active women, athletes, and fitness buffs, it’s particularly important to choose a breast augmentation option that will provide your desired results while still letting you participate in activities and sports you love.

Breast Implant Considerations

One of the first steps in customizing breast augmentation for active women is to determine the right implant size and type. Implant size will impact the overall appearance of the breasts and should be chosen based on your body type and desired look. For active women, it is usually a good idea to choose a smaller implant size that is still proportionate to the rest of your body. This can help to minimize the impact of the implants on your athletic performance.

The type of implant also matters. Silicone implants are often preferred by athletes since they are lighter and less likely to move around during physical activity, compared to saline implants. Submuscular placement, where the implants are placed under the muscle, can also help to provide more stability and reduce the amount of breast movement during physical activity.

Incision placement is another factor to consider during breast implant surgery. The incision options available for active women really are no different than for any woman considering breast enlargement. Where your incisions are placed will have no effect on your recovery time or activities you can do after you recover.

Breast Augmentation Rest and Recovery

Recovery after breast augmentation is also an important consideration for active women. We will advise you to avoid high-impact activities and sports for several weeks after the surgery. This allows time for your body to heal and your new implants to settle into place. As hard as it may be, you need to avoid upper body activities in particular so that you are not placing unnecessary strain on your new implants.

These weeks of decreased activity can be particularly challenging for women who are used to regularly working out or playing sports. If you play a sport, schedule your surgery during the off season or when you might naturally take a bit more time off. Most of all, be good to yourself and understand that a temporary break in your workouts is just that – temporary.

Choosing a Breast Augmentation Surgeon

We have experience working with active women and athletes who want to increase their breast size. We can coach you on what to plan for and how to get back to your activities as quickly as possible, while still protecting the quality of your results. We understand that very active women are in a unique place when considering breast implant surgery, and have unique concerns as they recover.

When consulting with cosmetic surgeons in your area for your breast augmentation, ask to see before and after photos from patients who look like you – women who are fit and are playing sports or committed to very physical activities. Also ask the surgeon for tips and real-world advice based on their experience serving women like you.

Breast augmentation can be a great choice for many active women. The surgery won’t necessarily impact or decrease your performance levels in most cases, and the added confidence boost can pay dividends in the gym, on the field, or just in your everyday life.

Can Your Breast Augmentation be Customized to Your Active Lifestyle?
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Can Your Breast Augmentation be Customized to Your Active Lifestyle?
Tampa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano discusses how breast implant surgery can be customized to fit the lifestyles of more active women and athletes.
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