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Can You Have Laser Hair Removal in the Summer?

laser hair removal in summer

You know that feeling when you break out your new bikini for the first time after winter, only to realize you have a lot of shaving to do? If your winter hibernation mode got the best of you this year and you’re not looking forward to shaving or waxing all summer long, laser hair removal could be just the ticket.

But we’ve all heard that laser hair removal during the summer isn’t such a great idea. Luckily, you can absolutely get LHR this time of year – you’ll just need to keep a few pointers in mind.

  1. Choose a Provider That Offers Advanced Lasers

    Today’s advanced laser technology makes it easier to get laser hair removal in the summer, especially for people with naturally darker skin tones. LHR works by targeting the pigment in actively growing hair follicles, which then disables them and stops hair from growing in the future.

    So if your skin easily tans in the summer months, the laser could have some trouble distinguishing the pigment in your skin from the pigment in your hair, which could create some complications. The good news is that the most advanced lasersare now able to successfully remove hair on virtually all skin types and tones, so make sure your provider offers the latest in laser technology.

    Look for the Alexandrite laser for light skin tones, and the nd-YAG for darker skin.

  2. Be Careful about Sun Exposure

    Not only can getting a tan affect your LHR results, but it can also lead to complications like hyperpigmentation. For this reason, it’s best to avoid sun exposure throughout the entire laser hair removal process if possible. At the very least, be sure to stay out of the sun for a minimum of ten days prior to each treatment and a few days after.

    Also,be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen any time you’re spending time outside.

  3. That Goes for Sunless Tanning Lotion, Too

    Sunless tanning lotion can actually be a great alternative to getting a real tan from UV light during LHR treatments, but you do have to be careful about how and when you use it. Because tanned skin can be more difficult to treat with the laser, you need to make sure your sunless tanner has enough time to fade away before your next appointment.

  4. Cover Up

    We know the idea is to get laser hair removal so you can bare all, but you need to take care of the areas that are currently being treated to protect them from the sun. Wear shorts over your bikini area, for example, if you just got LHR there. Or bring a cover-up to the pool and find a nice spot in the shade to hang out.

  5. Get LHR in Discreet Areas During the Summer

    You might consider holding off on getting LHR for your arms or legs if they’ll be exposed to the sun a lot this summer. However,your underarms and bikini area are usually not as hard to keep out of the sun, so you might want to start there and then schedule other areas in the fall.

  6. Take a Break from Water Activities

    Don’t swim directly after getting LHR, as your skin will probably be sensitive for a couple of days. The same goes for hot tubs, Jacuzzis and saunas, because your skin could react negatively to the heat or water treatment chemicals.

Can You Have Laser Hair Removal in the Summer?
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Can You Have Laser Hair Removal in the Summer?
Thinking about getting laser hair removal during the summer? The team at Simply Smooth Laser Center in Tampa has some tips for getting great results.
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