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Can “Rice Sizers” Help You Pick the Best Breast Implant Size?

Breast Implant

Picking the right breast implant size to complement your figure can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be—as long as you have the guidance of an experienced cosmetic surgeon and you’re willing to do a little homework on your own with “rice sizers.”

The rice test can help you get a better idea of how a certain size of implant will look on your body and work with your lifestyle after getting breast implants increases the fullness of your breasts. You can try rice sizers in the comfort of your home and even wear them during physical activities, such as exercise.

How to Make Rice Sizers

Rice sizers are a simple do-it-yourself project:

  • Take a pair of pantyhose or knee-highs and cut out a section that is 12 inches long.
  • Knot one end, measure the rice, pour it into the stocking and knot the other end.
  • To simulate 125 cc implants, add about a half-cup of rice to each sizer. Slightly more than a full cup of rice equates to approximately 250 ccs.

You can adjust the amount as you wear the sizers and try adding less or more rice to find the look that feels right for you.

Rely on Your Surgeon’s Expertise

As helpful as they can be, it’s important to remember that rice sizers are just a tool. Your cosmetic surgeon may want to talk with you about more than just volume when picking an implant. He may consider implant profile, the diameter of your breast at the base and placement in suggesting which size of implant would work best for you.

Ultimately, you will need the advice of an experienced cosmetic surgeon to make a final choice and consider the other aspects of breast implants that affect your final results besides just size.

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